Do you have room in your heart and your home to let some love in? Because, if you do, you'll be repaid ten times over. With warmth, and affection. Put a smile on their faces. They'll put one on yours! Please note, we do not adopt to the United States.


Y a-t-il une petite place dans votre cœur et dans votre demeure pour y laisser entrer de l’amour? Si oui, vous serez récompensé(e) au centuple avec chaleur, fidélité et affection. Donnez-leur une raison de sourire à la vie!


Courtesy Listing

only contact Jeanne Lapointe 514 7467394

Zappa is a beautiful and healthy, three-and-a-half-year-old, sterilized male BoxerXPitbull. His vaccines are up-to-date, and he has an implanted micro-chip. He is very obedient and eager to please; very affectionate and doesn't bark. Zappa needs someone with time to give him because, although extremely quiet in the house and car, he has a lot of energy to spend. (Needs 1-2hrs/day exercise.) He is friendly with people and enjoys other dogs – with very rare exceptions -- but can't live with cats. It has been very difficult to decide to give him up because Zappa is a wonderful companion and my true best friend. He gives a lot, learns very quickly and is eager to please. I have decided to seek a new home for Zappa because, being single with such a busy schedule, I simply can't give him as much time as he needs and deserves.
I hope that you can help me find a wonderful home for this wonderful dog! Please call me to discuss the possibilities: (514) 746-7394.
Thank you!

  Finnegan - adoption pending  

This teddy bear of a boy is a 4 year old Poodle Mix who was found as a stray. Very sweet natured and an easy to handle 20 pounds of love. Absolutely a friend to the world, and good with everything in it!


Saved from a pound in Outaouais where this handsome brute was a stray, Indy is happy, high spirited and ready for a good time. If you like to hike, run, play ball, Indy is your man. Not just a pretty face, his looks and sweet personality are a metaphor for an all round great dog. And he’s no wimp, he is a strong, active, thinking boy. His perfect match would be dog-experienced family or a single person, in a house with a fenced in yard. Kids 15+. Possibly another dog, flexible hours. Indy is 7 years young. sterilized, up to date on vaccines and weighs 55 lbs.



I am a lovely girl cat who has been abandoned at the vet clinic for a YEAR now and I am 10 years old! PLEASE HELP ME by making me a member of your family. I am sterilized, have my claws. At my age I’d prefer to be the ONLY cat in the home please, but good news—I LIKE DOGS! Well, friendly ones to cats, that is! I am a Domestic Semi Longhair. I miss having a real home to live in, I don’t know why my person never came back for me but I know not all humans are like that and that someone surely would love to have my mature affection and companionship! Please can I retire at your home as an inside only cat so I will be safe?


This 2 year old boy is a Pekinese Mix, a sweet dog is every way. Loves people and very sociable, a delightful little boy. Chico is neutered and vacinated. A happy lad, Chico has everything going for him to make a great addition to a new family.



Casey is a 9 year old loveable senior male poodle looking for a retirement home. He is a sweet, gentle and kind soul. He was found lost in a Montreal park, and no one came looking for him. He is easy to care for requiring minimal exercise. He is in good health although he is on some preventative medication (Fortekor) and Hill's Low Fat Diet. He looks and carries on like a young dog, is excited and curious, and eager to please.

  Sandy 2  

Sandy 2 is a medium size 40 pound little female mutt who was found running loose by kind people and came to Gerdy's, very likely was dumped. Estimated age to be 2-3 years old. Sandy is very friendly and loves people. Interested in all around her, Sandy is a curious little girl who is all ears when checking out interesting smells on a walk, her ears stand straight up.
Affectionate, Sandy loves her walks. She has no food aggression. Great with other dogs, seems ok with cats. She is very friendly, loves to play, obedient, and very affectionate. She would benefit from having another dog to chum with to keep her company in the house, a sweet 2nd dog for someone maybe. She is getting used to a wire crate for when you are going out. Someone home during the day would be ideal for Sandy as well. She does not want to be crated all day so not for someone at work long hours. She has a LOT of love to give in return!

  Houdini - adoption pending  

I am a handsome big boy, sterilized and vaccinated, dewormed. I am estimated up to two years old. I was abandoned. I am a very friendly boy, a likely a Barbette Mix (French water dog mix) or something else cute—even if I am a mutt I am VERY good looking!! I have long hair when I am all grown out. I travel well by car and have lots of energy. I am a very happy boy! I love people and they think I would be good with other dogs too.

  Claus & Emily - bonded pair  

CLAUS and EMILY -- BONDED PAIR - pure GORDON SETTER brother & sister 6 years old to place TOGETHER.

These are a sweet pair that LOVE to play together, need good exercise. Securely fenced yard a MUST. VERY SOCIAL DOGS! Both dogs are VERY AFFECTIONATE and SWEET, WELL TRAINED. They are not good with small dogs or cats. They LOVE each other's company! Both are sterilized and vaccinated, heartworm tested negative. Good general
health. They love the car. Given up regretfully because of divorce, these dogs were loved.

CLAUS, the boy, is typical color of the breed while EMILY girl is all one color as often happens in litters. Gorgeous dogs & CHARMERS!

  Cibelle & Toby (bonded pair)  


These 8 year old charmers are just ADORABLE together, they love each other so much that to part them would be cruel. They are a mix of Yorkie and ShihTzu, hypoallergenic. Cibelle is the larger of the 2, female. Cibelle had surgery by Gerdy’s and will be fine on a special food for a lifetime diet and necessary to keep her on it. She is a very happy girl now and doing well! Little Toby is the tiny one, male, and sweet as can be. Both dogs are sterilized and up to date with vaccines. They are a wonderful pair who attract smiles wherever they go together. Easy to handle, friendly, affectionate and curious, they seem amazingly young! A couple of cuddlers, they will entertain you, cheer you, get you using that camera more, you will never feel lonely again with pals like these to keep you company!


I am about 16-17 pounds, a 1 year old boy, sterilized and vaccinated. I was given up because of child allergy though they had me a year. I am an
interesting mix of Boston, Pug, and Terrier (could be Cairn Terrier) because of the curled up tail and some random beige hair that could be Cairn, BUT I have some white on my chest and paws like a Boston! Friendly, food motivated, I sit when asked.
Housetrained but if not taken out regularly I will have accidents in the house. I am good with other dogs and I am not a barker or chewer in my foster home but an all around super little dog with lots of energy. And I LOVE to be cuddled in bed with you!


We are looking for a true Beagle lover for this dear boy! Experience with the Beagle breed a necessity. Not for an apartment or condo, needs a house with a securely fenced in yard to play in with you. Goliath is 8 years old, neutered and vaccinated, and had been with the same family since he was 8 weeks old. He has a moderate energy level and gets excited around people—he “talks” to them with joy! He is so friendly, good with most dogs and seems to prefer the bigger ones! He loves to be petted and has no food or toy possession. As he does not like to be alone, we suggest he would be a good companion to another dog or have someone who is not gone from home a lot. He does not tolerate a crate but should be in restricted space when alone. As he pees in the house sometimes, we suggest the use of a belly band, and time outside frequently.. He likes to drink a lot of water, which should be restricted to 3 times a day. Likes KIDS, other dogs and especially CAR RIDES and leash WALKS! Would likely be a cat chaser as he loves to chase squirrels, so NO CATS! A real Gentleman Dog, lots of affection in him, not a mean bone, and a HAPPY DOG!


I am a sweet girl and very deserving of a loving and secure home. I had a rough start in life, giving birth to 10 puppies when I was a puppy myself of 7 months old! I am now 10 months old and going to be sterilized under Gerdy’s Rescues shortly. I was rescued by a concerned person from a bad situation as you can tell, and now I am a Gerdy dog, being vetted and everything done that I need, vaccines, etc. I am a mix of mainly Boxer mixed with Pitbull, I have a lovely nature, and will be so grateful to find people who will give me real love because I will love you forever. (No cats please.)


Hi, I have just been given up because not enough time for me anymore, sadly. I am already 8 years old, but you’d never guess that as I LOVE to play fetch the ball, your arm will get tired before I do! I need a securely fenced spacious yard for you to exercise me in, as well as take me for long walks, I need someone with TIME for me, I will help you keep fit in fact! If you like to run, I am your girl! I am obedient, I want to please you all the time, I DO listen! I bark when someone comes to the door to tell you someone is there, but I am nor a barker otherwise. I calm down as soon as people are inside. I don’t beg at the table either! Very calm in the house if I have been well exercised, no couch potatoes for me please. I need to be active with you! I am trustworthy of children, I like to sniff them when meeting and get acquainted. I love to swim, and I ran with my family when they cross country skied. Most of the time I am mellow when left in the house as long as I am exercised well first. I LOVE being petted but I am not super needy, just a nice companion dog. I come when called, even when I am playing. A I am nice, soft and I LOVE to cuddle! I am up to date with my vaccinations and in very good health, as well as heartworm negative and I am on heartworm preventative. My person said I am a mix of Lab, Collie, and Something Else, but I think I am a Beautiful Mutt, a good sized larger dog. Will you make me YOUR forever girl, my devotion is boundless!

  Minnie 2 - adoption pending  

I am a GORGEOUS and big female cat, a Domestic Shorthair and I LOVE to be cuddled & petted. I am DECLAWED. I am 2-3 years old, and STERILIZED. I have my vaccines. I was found outside about a year ago by someone and found a home, but there is now an allergy to cats so I came to Gerdy’s. I am a WONDERFULLY good natured girl, and so beautiful they say. In fact, I am DELICIOUS aren’t I? Can’t you see me in your home and devoted to you, and you devoted to me in return?


Hans is looking for a real home. He was found abandoned on a country road. We have had Hans neutered, vaccinated, and heartworm tested negative. Hans is about 7 to 8 years old, and is a VERY kind, affectionate dog. He is amazingly energetic, as is his breed, German Shorthair Pointer. A GOOD all around boy, eager to please. HOUSETRAINED, he LOVES the opportunity to lay on a rug. Very curious in the house but responds obediently to “ah ah!” when he checks out counter tops, etc. He needs to exercise, so a house with a securely fenced spacious yard would be ideal, if you play with him of course there. He loves to run about. Lots of walks will keep him happy too. Not for city living, and no cats please. We recommend a dog seat belt in the car as he would be up front with the driver in no time! He is very social & friendly! A jolly nature, Hans is the eternal optimist that he will find a home he so richly deserves!


Courtesy Listing

Contact: Sheryl or John 514 631 2145 or email

I have all the characteristics of a Scottish fold but the vet classified me as a multi colored semi longhaired tabby. Unfortunately, my ears are flat on my head the vet said due to hematoma from severe infestation of ear mites because I was lost or abandoned for a long time, also could be from frostbite. I landed up on the deck of a kindhearted couples house. They believed that I belonged to somebody, as I was wearing a collar, with no ID. They posted my cute puss everywhere in their area and also posted it on rescues " Lost& Found " websites. An " Earth Angel " saw the ad and donated medication for my ears. Then on top of this unbelievable act of kindness, she got me an
appt. at the vets !!!:-) Who made the diagnosis that also I am a Female, between 3-4 yrs. old and that I have been spayed. The couple took me in and gave me complete access to their cat haven in the basement, as they have 3 male cats that I do NOT want any contact with! They took care of the treatment for my ears and brought me back to the
veterinarian who gave me a clean bill of health. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh !!! I am so grateful for the support of complete strangers and the TLC that they have
given me. The sad part is that they CANNOT keep me even though I know they would love to as I am terrified of their other cats. I am a very affectionate, docile " Prima Donna " so I was named MISSY. I love to be brushed and petted. But not to be cuddled for too long as I still have a bit of anxiety, which I will overcome in a quiet loving, caring environment
without other animals. I am sweetness overload, look at my adorable face and please take me into your heart and home for a lifetime of purrrrrrrrrrrfect joy. I DESPERATELY NEED A HOME SOON!


I am a very friendly and active Greyhound Mix, a sweet natured boy. I am still a puppy at 6 months old, and I weigh 43 pounds. I have a slight, sleek build, and gorgeous blue eyes. I am a very affectionate boy, and I love the car too! I need to exercise so pretty well need a house with a securely fenced back yard where we can play and exercise together. We can
go for walks together too. Neutered and vaccines up to date, I am a handsome and loving boy whose soul shines through my every look, I am one in a million!

  Little Steve  

This sweet boy is Great Dane/Lab mix. When Gerdy took him on, he was dreadfully thin, after much testing it seems it is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. His treatment was changed and he has now gained the weight he should be and is doing well. He is on medication. Little Steve is the DEAREST dog, he is relaxed and so loving, he waits to be petted, he enjoys attention so very much. He is a slightly older dog with some frost on his muzzle. Very devoted. Little Steve is a VERY SPECIAL NEEDS dog who knows he was helped and is so GRATEFUL. If you are a nurturing individual and want to help a deserving dog, Little Steve is the boy for you! He CANNOT be neutered because of his medical condition, so there can be no other dog in the home. Untried with cats. No small children as he needs a retirement atmosphere.

Call or email Gerdy to discuss Little Steve:

pager 514 203 9180 or email


MINNIE is about a year old, a young mother, likely Roly (adopted) was her only surviving kitten. They were outside together, abandoned, in the cold. Roly was about 3 weeks old at the time, when taken in by a kind woman who called Gerdy. Minnie was vaccinated and sterilized by Gerdy’s. But Minnie is tired of the stress of keeping a kitten alive in the cold so has sworn off even being around other cats! Minnie is a Domestic Shorthair, and is looking for a quiet home where she can just relax for a change! She is an affectionate cat.



Beautiful and sweet MAYA is 13 years old, her owner passed away and Gerdy’s has taken in this GOOD dog. She needs a new forever home! She still has a lot of love to give. She appears to be a Golden Retriever Mix, spayed, vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, a very sweet girl looking for a peaceful retirement home. Is your heart big enough for Maya?



I am a very sweet neutered and vaccinated 13 year old boy whose beloved mistress has passed away. I was dearly loved and Gerdy promised me I would be loved again and would be safe. I am SUCH a sweet cattie, and I do not act my age! I am in good shape, I do my yoga exercises every morning and night. Maybe you & I can do them together! I am very cuddly and a very good listener to any troubles you may have, I also like classical music but not opera, just easy listening to go to sleep. All I need is a spot in the warm sun on your carpet or in a window, I will wait for you to come home from work and YOU can massage my toes after my hard day waiting for you to come back to me. I ask for nothing but your love and eats, maybe a few cat treats!

  Lucky - adoption pending  


Dear Person looking for a good dog companion

I am an older Husky/Lab mix and very good looking! Debonnaire, in fact! Sadly, my master died of a stroke in May, and now I am an orphan all alone in the world.. I am very healthy, have had all my shots, love people, children, cats and more. I have been in a kennel since May and now Gerdy has taken me over. I promise you a minimum of 4 good years of faithful companionship and if my Creator obliges, even more. I'm looking for peace and quiet with a peace and quiet person or return I promise unconditional love!

Your orphan, Lucky xoxoxo

  Molly - adoption pending  

Delightful 8 year old Molly is a sweet-natured and playful tri-coloured spayed and vaccinated Basset
Hound. This loving dog enjoys sitting on laps (even if bigger than your average lap dog!) and chewing on her favourite toys. And of course the Basset favourite occupation--taking long walks on leash. She's never met a person she didn't greet enthusiastically with affection! This beauty needs a Basset-familiar family
ideally and of course as she is a Hound, a securely fenced yard to play in is essential, because Bassets have such a strong sense of smell they would follow a scent and not look back! A home with someone home during the day for company is ideal for a Basset, as they are very social and love to be around their humans! Crating when you are out or at night is
suggested. Good Golly, Miss Molly--Bassets ROCK!

*Previous Basset Owners Need Only Apply*. Molly needs a home where the people know the breed.


Hi, I am a 6 year old male Family Dog, Lab/Huskey cross breed, sterilized, and vaccinated.
I LOVE being petted and I give kisses! I am curious, energetic, affectionate and welcoming when people visit. I eat hypoallergenic food and LOVE Brocolli, apples, and salad! I take a Thyroid pill once a day that I need the rest of my life, but it is inexpensive and no problem to give me.
I do not like to be crated but I do well in the house loose. My days are like nights—I eat, sleep, walk about the house without problems, I am well adjusted. But if you leave me TOO long in the house I might peepee but I am housetrained for a reasonable time of absence. I am not in regular contact with other dogs but with grooming during the year I am around other dogs and I am fine.
I am good with children, I like to lick their faces, not a mean bone in me! I have a lot to give a family who will cherish my qualities, my owner can no longer keep me, and she told me Gerdy will find me a GREAT new home. I am just the RIGHT age—and what you see is what you get! A loving boy offering you my heart for the rest of my days!


Courtesy Listing

Please contact: Yael or Alberic at

This handsome 5 year old boy is DESPERATELY seeking a home that will take this FIV positive cat! His time is running out to be placed soon! VERY INTELLIGENT, and he LOVES to be brushed. He spent all his life outside as a stray, but a quiet INDOOR life is what he needs now. Reserved and scared when he first meets someone new, but soon his affectionate nature shines through, then he is rolling on his back and giving head butts. HE HAS EXTRA THUMBS, and uses them well to chase his toy mouse. He gets vocal when hungry too! He is NEUTERED & VACCINATED and ready to start a new life in a quiet home. He is a Domestic Longhair, just LOOK at that FACE!


I am a senior Golden Retriever 9 years old female, spayed and vaccinated. I hit a rough patch in my life when my elderly human passed away in the house
and finally the police arrived and took him away. No one gave ME a second look. No one saw the huge abcess on my side or the condition I was in physically because my human had not been able to care for me properly. I was DREADFULLY overweight too, not the pretty girl you see here in the photo. I was a MESS! Oh, did I say that the police removed me from the house and tied me up in my yard when they left? I was there for a few days before someone noticed me tied up there on a tether. I was not a well girl. Gerdy
took me over and it took a LONG time for my abcess to get better after surgery, because I kept opening it up even with a head cone. With one thing and another it has taken me a long time and even now I need a VERY special new human in my life. I choose my dog friends! I have not had an easy life and much socialization, basically I have relied on myself all those sad years my person could not look after me properly. I will need no other pets in my new home, no kids. I am a rather independAnt dog used to doing things
my way. Because I need help restructuring my life socially. I need someone who will work patiently with me, leaving me to myself when I want to be, and
understanding I am a work in progress. I am rather opinionated. If you are a confident and patient person interested in helping me socially, please contact Gerdy. I am spayed, vaccinated, heartworm negative.


Here I am as a sad case, brought to Gerdy’s care as a stray cat with frozen feet. This is what happens to a stray in winter weather with no warm home to go to.
I am about 4 years old, estimated birth date December 2010 and I weighed 10 ½ pounds when I was brought in. I am a Domestic Shorthair male. To add to my troubles, I was found to be FIV positive. I can still comfortably live in a home with another FIV cat, I am doing good, it was just my feet being frozen that bothered me. Now my bandages are all off and I am much happier, neutered too! I am a NICE cat!

Do you have a warm heart I can warm my cold feet with in future, safe and loved?


Checkers, now about 3 years old, was fed as a stray kitten outside by Gerdy’s Aunt. Eventually, he was caught, neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and defleaed, so he could have a chance at life as an indoor cat. 

Checkers would do really well in an adult home where he could just be allowed to be himself, study his situation, and build trust—each has great potential, and just needs a chance! 

It would help if he was the only pet in the house, but Checkers does get along with other cats.  In his foster home, Checkers is learning that life inside is much better than in the streets! 

Checkers is just glad to be taken indoors out of the cold so just a bit of PATIENCE on your part will make all the difference!