Do you have room in your heart and your home to let some love in? Because, if you do, you'll be repaid ten times over. With warmth, and affection. Put a smile on their faces. They'll put one on yours! Please note, we do not adopt to the United States.


Y a-t-il une petite place dans votre cœur et dans votre demeure pour y laisser entrer de l’amour? Si oui, vous serez récompensé(e) au centuple avec chaleur, fidélité et affection. Donnez-leur une raison de sourire à la vie!


I am a very sweet male neutered Poodle Mix of 11 years of age, just the RIGHT age for an older couple, person, or mature family! I am told I am a VERY GOOD DOG! I am lovable, kind, and just needing a loving home to curl up in and make it my home Forever. All is done, vet check, vaccines, heartworm tested negative, dewormed, I am ready to go! My owner has moved away, could not take me too. I really deserve a home and I will make you very happy! Do you want to be BOBBY’s GIRL?


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Vaya a 9-10 year old Australian Shepherd mix, was found wandering alone in a Montreal park. She is a dream dog, walks beautifully on a leash, knows her commands, loves cats and dogs and is gaga for humans. She is smart and super affectionate. Vaya needs a calm home with another dog as she doesn’t love to be alone without other breathing beings. A house with a deck or a yard where she could hang out would be ideal. Calm kids 12 +

For more info:

  Rory - adoption pending  

Born January 6, 2013 I am a very sweet ShihTzu boy, beige and white, 12 pounds of happiness! I am a VERY good boy, with a really sweet nature, who was abandoned by my owner. Neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm tested negative, all set to go to my new forever loving home with YOU!

  Peter - adoption pending  

This adorable 8 year old Yorkie is pretty perfect.
He loves all humans, dogs and cats. He’s playful, affectionate and lots of fun. Another dog in the home would be great. Peter is equally comfortable with activity as he is curling up on the sofa and watching movies with you. Sterilzed, vaccinated, dental done, this cutie pie is ready for his perfect match.

  Ginger - adoption pending  

Ginger is a girl about 2 1/2 years old, abandoned by owner. She will be spayed shortly under Gerdy's Rescues. Ginger has been tested Heartworm
negative, updated vaccines, etc. She is friendly with other dogs and has a very sweet personality. She appears to have Saint Bernard in her, she is a tall girl, and quite thin, she needs to gain weight but you can help her with that, we have already started her on good food. She is now a happy dog and looks great!

  Little Steve  

This sweet boy is Great Dane/Lab mix. When Gerdy took him on, he was dreadfully thin, after much testing it seems it is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. His treatment was changed and he has now gained the weight he should be and is doing well. He is on medication right now. Little Steve is the DEAREST dog, with no mean bones in him! He is relaxed and so loving, he waits to be petted, he enjoys attention so very much. He is a slightly older dog with some frost on his muzzle. Very devoted. We are searching for at least a foster home for him to get him into family life, but an Adoptive home would be GREAT. Little Steve is a VERY SPECIAL dog who knows he was helped and is so GRATEFUL, if you are a nurturing individual and want to help a deserving dog, Little Steve is the boy for you!

Call or email Gerdy to discuss Little Steve:

pager 514 203 9180 or email

  Lucky - adoption pending  


Dear Person looking for a good dog companion

I am an older Malemute and very good looking! Debonnaire, in fact! Sadly, my master died of a stroke in May, and now I am an orphan all alone in the world.. I am very healthy, have had all my shots, love people, children, cats and more. I have been in a kennel since May and now Gerdy has taken me over. I promise you a minimum of 4 good years of faithful companionship and if my Creator obliges, even more. I'm looking for peace and quiet with a peace and quiet person or return I promise unconditional love!

Your orphan, Lucky xoxoxo

  Mimi (formery Che)  


I am a 9 year old girl who is full of LOVE! I am spayed and have never been outside, so I am looking for a home as an indoor cat. I am a Domestic Shorthair in a pretty color called BLUE CREAM. I was brought to the Hudson
Pet Fair June 20, 2015 in desperation to find me a safe new home, no one there would take me, but Gerdy did, thank goodness! I am REALLY scared of dogs, I have had a bad experience that left me afraid of dogs, so please, a cat family or making me an only pet would be great! Maybe you are retired and need some company, I'm your girl! I PROMISE you that you will never regret your decision to give me a home with YOU. PLEASE!


Delightful 8 year old Molly is a sweet-natured and playful tri-coloured spayed and vaccinated Basset
Hound. This loving dog enjoys sitting on laps (even if bigger than your average lap dog!) and chewing on her favourite toys. And of course the Basset favourite occupation--taking long walks on leash. She's never met a person she didn't greet enthusiastically with affection! This beauty needs a Basset-familiar family
ideally and of course as she is a Hound, a securely fenced yard to play in is essential, because Bassets have such a strong sense of smell they would follow a scent and not look back! A home with someone home during the day for company is ideal for a Basset, as they are very social and love to be around their humans! Crating when you are out or at night is
suggested. Good Golly, Miss Molly--Bassets ROCK!


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Pepito is a 2 year old mix of Daschund and possibly a German Pointer and/or Bull Terrier. Seized from a home with too many dogs Pepito and his gang found safety at the SPCA. Unfortunately the pack had to be separated and Pepito found himself quite distraught without the security of his buddies.
He is a bit insecure and mistrustful when he first meets someone but with a few kind words, a treat or a leash in hand Pepito makes friends and is in fact a smart, affectionate playful boy. He is good with other dogs and should probably live with one. We suggest an experienced family with older kids -14 plus, as he is fearful some times. He requires only moderate exercise.
Please write if you are interested in Pepito:


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Toutoune, 9 years young, was brought to the SPCA because her owner, an elderly woman, could no longer care for her. She is sweet, calm and looking for love. This Poodle/Bichon mix loves her walks, car rides, all humans as well as dogs and cats. She has lots of life left in her and is ready for her second chance. She can live in an apartment, and with kids 8 plus.
Toutoune doesn't like being left alone for too long. So, if you are retired, work from home or have a family with a flexible schedule, she’s your girl.

Please write if you are interested in Toutoune:


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Kayla is a 7 year old Maltese mix. She was with one owner her whole life and suddenly found herself abandoned at the SPCA. She is sweet little girl who loves to be held, gets along well with dogs and cats and is generally pretty quiet. She prefers the company of another dog and isn’t used to being left alone. Kayla will be a humanitarian adoption as she had some malignant masses removed and they may re-occur one day. Right now she is in great health! Kids 10+

For more info on Kayla, please write to:


Maddix was going to be euthanized at a gassing pound, his owner did not want him so dumped him there to get rid of him. He was saved from euthanasia and made his way to Gerdy’s Rescues.. Maddix is a cheerful BIG boy at 89 pounds. He is a male German Shepherd X, brindle in color. Born January 29, 2011 he is neutered, heartworm tested negative,dewormed, vaccinated. He does not like to be crated, we believe he had a bad experience with that. Maddix is good in the car, loves to go for a drive! He needs obedience training as he is so large, but is a handsome and big hearted guy. A dog for older teens 16+, not young kids. When Maddix gets trained, he is going to be a fantastic dog. Maddix thinks he is a lapdog! Affectionate, HOUSETRAINED, Insecure but friendly, he gets over his shyness quickly. Loves to play fetch. No food aggression, outgoing personality interested in everything.

  Dixie - adoption pending  

Born in November 2004, this DEAR ShihTzu girl of blond and white colouring, is the most GENTLE of dogs! GREAT with humans of all ages and other dogs and cats, she loves everyone and everything! We cannot say enough good about this sweet girl. She deserves a fantastic home with much love in it for her! Originally abandoned, this little gem brings smiles wherever she goes. Dixie loves to be cuddled and is very social! Trusts everyone. Spayed, she is vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, all set to go to her new home.

  Schnitz - adoption pending  

This stunning tricolor neutered BEAGLE boy was born April 15, 2009, and is now 6 years old. He is a smiling dog, very sociable and with kind eyes.
He loves humans and dogs alike and would be fine living with another dog. Schnitz was abandoned by his family, who brought him here from France.
He is a very confident, good-natured dog who has been waiting for a long time for his perfect match. Schnitz loves travelling in the car. He is in good health, is vaccinated and is heartworm tested negative and is very young at heart. He will need a bit of leash training as he gets super excited when he encounters other dogs on the street and loves to pull to get closer to greet them. As Beagles will follow their nose for miles, he needs a home with a secure fenced-in yard. He is not a big barker.
He would do well in a family with older teens. This is a truly loving companion who deserves a great home to call his own.


Beautiful Layla is a pure Doberman about 6 years old. She is spayed, up to date in her vaccines, and heartworm tested negative. She is HOUSETRAINED.
ONLY FOR DOBERMAN EXPERIENCED people who understand the breed and how to properly handle them. As she will chase squirrels if given the chance,
please no other small animals in the home. Very sweet nature, and gentle. Layla has a thyroid condition and requires a daily pill to manage that but you can give it to her no problem, and it is not expensive. She needs it daily though, so if you cannot do this consistently, please do not ask to adopt her! We'd like to see her in an adult family with a fenced in yard, where she will feel secure. Not a city home full of noise and traffic,
would suit her best. And she likes being in the car with you!

  Claus & Emily - bonded pair - adoption pending  

CLAUS and EMILY -- BONDED PAIR - pure GORDON SETTER brother & sister 5 1/2 year old to place TOGETHER.

These are a sweet pair that LOVE to play together, need good exercise. Securely fenced yard a MUST. VERY SOCIAL DOGS! Both dogs are VERY AFFECTIONATE and SWEET, WELL TRAINED. They LOVE each other's company! Both are sterilized and vaccinated, heartworm tested negative. Good general
health. They love the car. Given up regretfully because of divorce, these dogs were loved.

CLAUS, the boy, is typical color of the breed while EMILY girl is all one color as often happens in litters. Gorgeous dogs & CHARMERS!



10 years young and looking for a loving retirement home, I am a SUPER loving boy, given up because of frequent travel, they are not home enough. Almost
human-like, I am SUPER LOVING, adore people and I love attention. HOUSETRAINED and I am good in the car. Not hard to walk on leash! I have lovely soft eyes and wear my heart on my sleeve. A trusting boy, I need someone to love me enough to keep me the rest of my days, I am a loyal boy and you'd never regret it. I am a Lab Mix mutt, one ear up & one down especially when curious! I am being neutered by Gerdy's Rescues, am vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, and I love to walk on leash. We at Gerdy's are told he is extremely patient, good with kids, never showed
people any aggression. Brovko is nicely energetic and very well behaved. And young at heart!



Well Folks, I am 15 years young with DOUBLE THUMBS Born March 30, 2000, I do not look or act my age, and I am not ready to give up on life! I am a healthy senior grey Domestic Shorthair cat, spayed and vaccinated, whose person was taken to a nursing home, and I was all alone in the world. Gerdy has known me personally and vouches for me that I am a VERY NICE cat who
needs a retirement home for the rest of my happy life. Gerdy would be thrilled and it would make her friend in the nursing home so pleased to know Hoppy is loved again.


What a GREAT 5 year old girl I am in every sense of the word! Not only a LOVING dog with all, but VERY overweight at 116 lbs, I need exercise and the proper amount of food, not table food! I am a DELIGHTFUL BORDER COLLIE mixed with Lab, wonderful kind dog, friendly and outgoing, totally sweet nature. The Gerdy crew just love me! I have a stubby tail, it was docked
when I was a puppy. But boy do I WAG my tail happily! I am friendly, curious meeting other dogs. Spayed and vaccinated. Never been around cats. I have eyes of different colors, adorable! I was given up because the wife was ill and the grandson allergic, was headed to euthanasia otherwise when Gerdy took me over. AN IDEAL FAMILY DOG! I travel delightfully in the car, go to sleep on the back seat. A TOTAL DARLING, that's me!


Courtesy Listing

Apply ONLY to Huguette Bourret:

I am an AMAZING cat—highly intelligent, and tremendously interested in all you do, I love to watch you make things, and in case I might miss something I will follow you about the home!
I have to watch you cook as it is so fascinating watching you chop, mix, and create, and I LOVE to watch you do the dishes, now THAT is so fascinating, and if you don’t mind, I will even keep you company watching you splash in the water taking your bath! People are so INTERESTING. Oh yes, I am very PLAYFUL and I ADORE playing hide and seek, and I might add that I am an expert player at that! You will find me great in the car, travelling in my carrier to the vet, and the vet can handle me with ease when I am examined. Oh, and the thing I just LOVE to do is sit in a window and watch the birds play outside and the squirrels run about. I am a VERY loving cat with humans and BIG but CALM dogs, please no little dogs -- I am not wanting to share a home with other cats, and noisy kids. I have the temperament of an Artiste, and all you need is ME! My coat is gorgeous, silky white gleaming coat and glorious GREEN eyes. I am SO affectionate, you can cuddle me while you watch tv! Tested FelV/FIV negative, vaccinated, dewormed, no fleas, and spayed—I am good to go! My suitcase is packed! Born June 18, 2013, i have my claws but if my claws are kept clipped and I am provided with a scratching post I will not rake your furniture. Hard to believe now that I was found wandering the streets at 6 months old, frozen and starved, I guess that is why I long for a private home where I can bask in the sunshine of all your love! PLEASE GIVE ME A HOME?



Hi, I am a 6 year old male Family Dog, Lab/Huskey cross breed, sterilized, and vaccinated.
I LOVE being petted and I give kisses! I am curious, energetic, affectionate and welcoming when people visit. I eat hypoallergenic food and LOVE Brocolli, apples, and salad! I take a Thyroid pill once a day that I need the rest of my life, but it is inexpensive and no problem to give me.
I do not like to be crated but I do well in the house loose. My days are like nights—I eat, sleep, walk about the house without problems, I am well adjusted. But if you leave me TOO long in the house I might peepee but I am housetrained for a reasonable time of absence. I am not in regular contact with other dogs but with grooming during the year I am around other dogs and I am fine.
I am good with children, I like to lick their faces, not a mean bone in me! I have a lot to give a family who will cherish my qualities, my owner can no longer keep me, and she told me Gerdy will find me a GREAT new home. I am just the RIGHT age—and what you see is what you get! A loving boy offering you my heart for the rest of my days!


Courtesy Listing

Please contact: Yael or Alberic at

This handsome 5 year old boy is DESPERATELY seeking a home that will take this FIV positive cat! His time is running out to be placed soon! VERY INTELLIGENT, and he LOVES to be brushed. He spent all his life outside as a stray, but a quiet INDOOR life is what he needs now. Reserved and scared when he first meets someone new, but soon his affectionate nature shines through, then he is rolling on his back and giving head butts. HE HAS EXTRA THUMBS, and uses them well to chase his toy mouse. He gets vocal when hungry too! He is NEUTERED & VACCINATED and ready to start a new life in a quiet home. He is a Domestic Longhair, just LOOK at that FACE!


I am a senior Golden Retriever 9 years old female, spayed and vaccinated. I hit a rough patch in my life when my elderly human passed away in the house
and finally the police arrived and took him away. No one gave ME a second look. No one saw the huge abcess on my side or the condition I was in physically because my human had not been able to care for me properly. I was DREADFULLY overweight too, not the pretty girl you see here in the photo. I was a MESS! Oh, did I say that the police removed me from the house and tied me up in my yard when they left? I was there for a few days before someone noticed me tied up there on a tether. I was not a well girl. Gerdy
took me over and it took a LONG time for my abcess to get better after surgery, because I kept opening it up even with a head cone. With one thing and another it has taken me a long time and even now I need a VERY special new human in my life. I choose my dog friends! I have not had an easy life and much socialization, basically I have relied on myself all those sad years my person could not look after me properly. I will need no other pets in my new home, no kids. I am a rather independAnt dog used to doing things
my way. Because I need help restructuring my life socially. I need someone who will work patiently with me, leaving me to myself when I want to be, and
understanding I am a work in progress. I am rather opinionated. If you are a confident and patient person interested in helping me socially, please contact Gerdy. I am spayed, vaccinated, heartworm negative.

  Sono - adoption pending  

I am an adorable wee YORKSHIRE TERRIER and I am 8 years old, I was born on May 31, 2007. I am a grey and beige male, neutered and vaccinated. I am a very affectionate boy and I give kisses. My owner gave me up because of travelling a lot and didn't have time for me, but wanted me to have more of a life. I am an adorable boy, sweet natured, and ready to be loved again!


I am a Lab Mix male, about 20 months old, fully trained and good, loving, and smart my previous owner said. I am neutered and up to date on vaccines. My owner could not keep me as he travels on business too much and wants me to have a good life with regular attention from my family. He said this about me: That I am very caring and friendly with kids and adults. That I like to play a lot. Shy with other dogs who get close to me, I sniff and move on but if the other dog growls, I will growl but not fight back. I am not fond of water so forget me wanting to go swimming with you! I am friendly with strangers, shy at the beginning but I come around. No food possession problems, I love to give kisses. I am not familiar with cats, I never had one. I am used to being crated when you are at work, and do not soil my crate, I will wait for you to come home and take me out. And that I never hurt anyone or any other dogs. I am rather a large boy and VERY handsome and SWEET! Some people collect fancy cars but only YOU will have THIS Bentley all to yourself!


Courtesy Listing


I am a sweet 7 month old AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER a very dear Pitbull boy, neutered and vaccinated. I am very energetic and playful but my best feature is that I am SUPER AFFECTIONATE! I give LOTS of kisses! I have lived with an older dog just fine and a cat. I chase her to play but she is old and will have none of my desire to play with her! I am a wonderful boy. I am looking for a loving Pitbull experienced home where I will be treasured as a family member. Having any puppy in a home is like having a new baby, so if you are busy with young kids, you have enough to keep you busy. Also being in a crate all day while you work is not fun for a pup, I need to go out more frequently than a mature dog. I would likely love a puppy training class and lots of walks as I am very sociable. This handsome boy (ME) is waiting not too patiently for my match made in Heaven!


Courtesy Listing

Obi is a 5 1/2 year old ShiTzu who is all the good things one would want from a dog, playful, affectionate, smart and friendly.
But he has a few quirks--- he likes things on his terms, is sensitive to too much manipulation, and doesn’t like any aggressive reprimanding.
He loves all the dogs here at the Annexe and would do well with another dog who likes to roughhouse. Obi’s next home should be with experienced adults who will be patient and let him come around at his pace. He ’s a real charmer but has guidelines that must be adhered to. No kids.
Please write if you are interested in Obi :


At 55 pounds, Millie could do with another few pounds, but she is a beautiful and tender girl, a female LAB mix, very friendly, an ideal family dog. Sterilized and vaccinated, Millie loves to be paid attention to and you gotta LOVE that face!

  Lady & Max (bonded pair) - adoption pending  



These 2 beauties are such NICE dogs, still enjoying the pleasures of being alive! They MUST find a home willing to take in this BONDED pair, mother and son. They have always lived together, it would be cruel to separate them now! They need a retirement home where they can love YOU together, BE together playing or walking on leash, and curl up TOGETHER to sleep. They are GOOD dogs and so delicious to look at! Both dogs are healthy, get along with other dogs, even strange dogs after being introduced and getting over the excitement of meeting new dogs with their people. Vaccines are up to date, no problems like food or possession guarding, these are FAMILY DOGS ok
with kids too, though older kids who would not roughhouse would be better! A retired couple would be ideal, who are still active. They respond to SIT, HERE, DOWN, FETCH BALL! Just a couple of seniors looking for a retirement home where they will feel wanted again and useful to their people. LADY (upper photo) is 11 years young, the Mother, she is black lab mostly; her SON MAX (lower photo) is 9 years young and is a Black Lab/Shepherd mix. They came to Gerdy's after the man who loved them, passed away. PLEASE, there HAS to be Earth Angels out there to give this pair a spot of Heaven on Earth for their remaining years!



MINNIE is about a year old, a young mother, likely Roly (below) is her only surviving kitten. They were outside together, abandoned, in the cold. Roly was about 3 weeks old at the time, when taken in by a kind woman who called Gerdy. Minnie was vaccinated and sterilized by Gerdy’s. But Minnie is tired of the stress of keeping a kitten alive in the cold so has sworn off even being around other cats! Minnie is a Domestic Shorthair, and is looking for a quiet home where she can just relax for a change! She is an affectionate cat.


Here I am as a sad case, brought to Gerdy’s care as a stray cat with frozen feet. This is what happens to a stray in winter weather with no warm home to go to.
I am about 4 years old, estimated birth date December 2010 and I weighed 10 ½ pounds when I was brought in. I am a Domestic Shorthair male. To add to my troubles, I was found to be FIV positive. I can still comfortably live in a home with another FIV cat, I am doing good, it was just my feet being frozen that bothered me. Now my bandages are all off and I am much happier, neutered too! I am a NICE cat!

Do you have a warm heart I can warm my cold feet with in future, safe and loved?


This female silver Toy Poodle mix is mini size-- only 6 pounds-- and about 3 years old, born February 19, 2012. She is sterilized and vaccinated, all done up to date. Because of her size, NO other pets, NO small children, and ONLY a kind and patient adult family, preferably someone already familiar with the fears of a very small dog. She had been abandoned by her owner, so this dear little girl is very nervous, She needs to be babied with all that has happened to her, she is NOT a social butterfly! Becomes a bundle of aggressive Little Dog Syndrome if on leash around bigger dogs, in ready defence of her person. Would snap at a stranger trying to pet her, again fear because of her size. She does not bark but sometimes has a high pitched howl, somewhat like a doggie opera singer, instead! NO apartment or condo for Sadie! She is pee pad trained but will go outside but can never be out alone, she is fearful of the big bad world out there. She needs a protector type who will understand her doggy fears and will shelter her from them. She has had a hard time in her short life and needs reassurance.
Have YOU what Sadie needs to give her confidence in humans again?


That's what Gerdy's named me.  Someone dumped me on the south shore, and I was seen wandering for at least 2 week outdoors.  A kind woman tried to help me, but I was too wary to go to her and frightened. Finally I was at a pound, I was skinny and weak from this ordeal outdoors, I would have been euthanized as I was not in good shape at all when Gerdy called them, but I was released to the care of Gerdy's.  

The vet thinks I am 5-6 years old. I have a very bad ear infection being treated at present as well as a skin problem also being treated BUT I am otherwise in good health.  I will be neutered as soon as Gerdy can get it done when I am ready, also my vaccines.

I am heartworm tested negative.  I am on the small size for a GSD, they think I might have been a runt, but who knows?  I am 70 pounds and underweight. But I am SO good natured even though I don't understand what happened to me.  

I am now with people I trust and my broken heart is healing nicely. I am MUCH better looking than when I was helplessly wandering, getting good food and the best of care.  Thank you Gerdy donors. This is where your donations are going, right where NEEDED the most!


Checkers, now about 3 years old, was fed as a stray kitten outside by Gerdy’s Aunt. Eventually, he was caught, neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and defleaed, so he could have a chance at life as an indoor cat. 

Checkers would do really well in an adult home where he could just be allowed to be himself, study his situation, and build trust—each has great potential, and just needs a chance! 

It would help if he was the only pet in the house, but Checkers does get along with other cats.  In his foster home, Checkers is learning that life inside is much better than in the streets! 

Checkers is just glad to be taken indoors out of the cold so just a bit of PATIENCE on your part will make all the difference!


Courtesy Listing

ONLY contact Rita directly at 514 649 7440

I am a black and white adorable male, neutered cat, 1-1 1/2 years old. I had all of my shots and a clean bill of health. I was abandoned recently and suffered a great deal. When you first see me I am a little afraid but within a short space of time I will allow you to stroke me if you are gentle. I am looking for a loving couple that will give me the nurturing and love that I have not had in a long time. I sleep in my bed or yours and love to play.
You will adore me at first sight, and all I look for is a couple or a family to be a part of again. I need a family to love! An affectionate human hand to make me belong once more. I will never let you down!

  Calico and Blackie  

Courtesy Listing

These 2 kittens are 5 months old and LOVE to play together, so much so it would be a shame to split them up!

They are going to be sterilized April 19, 2014.  Calico is a girl, Blackie is a boy and they're brother and sister. 

They are both  longhaired domestic kittens.   Vaccinated.  Affectionate & adorable, well socialized, and nicely playful.