Do you have room in your heart and your home to let some love in? Because, if you do, you'll be repaid ten times over. With warmth, and affection. Put a smile on their faces. They'll put one on yours!



Y a-t-il une petite place dans votre cœur et dans votre demeure pour y laisser entrer de l’amour? Si oui, vous serez récompensé(e) au centuple avec chaleur, fidélité et affection. Donnez-leur une raison de sourire à la vie!




This great big 5 year old boy, weighing in at 120 lbs., was rescued from an abusive situation.

We believe that Buster is a Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix. Beautiful, affectionate but weary of small children as he was taunted in the home he came from.

A patient, experienced adult home is required. He will definitely need a diet along with a family who likes to walk and a with fenced in yard where he can burn off some calories. Kids 16 plus.

If interested, please only send emails to


This stunning 2 year old husky was saved from the streets of Kosovo in terrible condition.

She was rescued by a volunteer group and Gerdys agreed to help out.
She is a diminutive, compact 35 lb. Husky with beautiful features, very friendly and loves to talk.

She will need a home with a fenced-in yard and people who love to be outdoors and already know huskies. Spayed and vaccinated. Kids 12 plus.

If interested, please only send emails to



This beautiful brindle Shepherd/Cattle dog mix is 6 years old and weighs 72 lbs. Her owner and constant companion recently passed away and she misses him terribly.

She is friendly, affectionate but can use some basic obedience as her owner spoiled her. A home with a fenced-in yard, an active family, kids 10 plus. 

Bisou is up to date on vaccines and will be spayed shortly.

If interested, please only send emails to

  Cush & Toby  


Due to personal problems these 2 beautiful, bonded dogs were surrendered to Gerdys Rescue.

Cush is a 5 year old female, Shepherd/Rottie x, shy but very loving. Toby is a Bernese/Lab x approximately 5 years old. He is sweet, and although timid at first is very friendly.

Our hope is that they can live out their lives together. A home with a fenced in yard, adults only. They are neutered, vaccinated and ready for a better life than they have had.

If interested, please only send emails to



This adorable 3 year old, 9 lb. boy was found as a stray. He was adopted out to someone who had him for a year and recently had to move into a senior’s residence. The person had never realized that he was deaf, and simply thought that he was defiant. He lost a year of training to respond to hand signals, treats etc. 

Gaston is a fun loving little Bichon X who will need playful, capable, patient, respectful, and hard working parents. The house should be without close neighbors and should be stand alone as he can be vocal due to his hearing deficit.  

A quiet residential area would be good as Gaston is sensitive to vibrations from large trucks. A backyard to run around would suit Gaston well as he loves to play chase but it must be fenced with no gaps he can get through as he will look for them and may dig to enlarge one. Gaston needs a house without young children (16 plus) and no young grand-children that will visit.

His new owners should be ready to put in some hard work initially with training, (he is mostly housebroken). This may mean tethering most of the time at first as he does not crate well at the moment.  They should also be prepared to embark on a training journey with Gaston. A home that practices reward based training is a necessity, he is extremely smart and learns quickly. 

Gaston is energetic but able to settle when his needs have been met. He would love someone active to go on long walks and play chase games in the yard. He is quite snuggly and affectionate if his person is respectful of his limits. He needs someone who is home most of the day. He would be fine as an only dog (he would be happy to soak up all the attention) or with a confident buddy.  

Only people who are serious about working with Gaston should inquire, to :

Local requests only, in and around Montreal and suburbs.



This beauty -a 2 year old English Lab - was recently the constant companion of an elderly gentleman who passed away before the holidays.

She spent the first days in her foster home looking to get back home to her owner. Now she has settled in and is enjoying her treasured long walks and even doing well with their 2 dogs.

She walks well on leash, loves to be active and loves to swim. Getting her out the door is a show---she barks out of total excitement until your coat and boots are on and she is out the door. 

Then she is calm again.  She is very playful, friendly, affectionate and loves to give kisses. Sacha can be timid and skittish around small children and in new circumstances. She weighs approximately 55 lbs.

We are looking for an active, adult family in the suburbs with a fully fenced yard, perhaps another large dog and preferably no cats or other small animals. Adult (16+) children only.

If interested, please only send emails to

  Beethoven - Adoption Pending  


Beethoven is a gorgeous 4 yr old Flat Coated Retriever x. He is smart quick learner, loyal, affectionate and loves to cuddle. He is not high energy but especially enjoys a good run when he gets the chance.

He would be great in a home with a fenced-in property where he could frolic. He also loves to swim and hike. A bit of a barker, but stops when told to. Better with small dogs and cats but ok with larger dogs, once he gets to  know them.

Beethoven likes the car, especially long rides. He doesn’t mind being groomed or having his nails trimmed. He is ok to stay alone and at night likes to sleep on his own bed.

He is neutered and vaccinated and in good health. Beethoven should not live in a home with young children, he is fearful of them. Kids 16 plus only.

If interested, please only send emails to



This Bichon Frisé is a special boy, who totally defies his age. He is an affectionate, sweet dog who loves to play fetch, to wrestle and horse around with both other dogs and people.

He is an all around pleasure to be with, doesn't love to be left alone too much, loves the car and doesn't mind being groomed.

Pumpkin's ideal home would be with another older but playful dog, with someone home a lot and a house with a backyard where he can get out fast, several times a day for quick pees.

He weighs 12.5 lbs., is neutered, and up to date on all of his vaccines. Kids 10+.

If interested, please only send emails to

  Stella - Adoption Pending  


Stella is a sweet 2 1/2 year old German Shepard husky mix looking for a forever home. She is a funny, submissive dog who loves to cuddle she just needs time to trust you. She is sterilized, vaccinated and housetrained, she will bark at the door to let you know she needs to go out.

She had a bit of a rough start in her life with the owner she had previous to her current one so she deserves a home that will love her unconditionally and for the rest of her life. She loves to play fetch and walks well on a leash. She has lived with dogs and is very social with them, just a little toy and food possessive. She is also crate trained and does well when left alone as long as she's burnt some energy.

Stella would be best suited with a family or person with no young children , she is scared of them and gets very uncomfortable, that's the only reason why we have to find her a new home as her family has a 13 month old and baby number 2 due in the summer.  

Stella is not a dog that can be left off leash, and will need a fenced yard. Her bad habits: she loves to collect socks and walk around with them in the house, she sometimes jumps on the kitchen counter if she smells food up there, and she she loves to chase squirrels!

Her ideal home would be with adult children, a house with a fenced-in yard and people who can exercise her, and give her the opportunity to be the best companion ever.

If interested, please only send emails to



Freddie is a 2 year old Rottie/Shep mix . He is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations. He loves people and can live with kids 12+. Freddie loves dogs and cats and loves to rough house with another big dog.

He is crate trained and has mastered walking very nicely with a Halti to avoid pulling (he’s a strong boy). Freddie knows most of his basic commands and enjoys working for his food and rewards. He can be somewhat protective if in his enclosed space, in the presence of other dogs.

Freddie would make a great addition to a family with another dog, looking for some companionship. The family must be experienced with owning a strong, large breed dog.

A house with a securely fenced in yard is imperative.

If interested, please only send emails to



Cleo was dumped by her owner at the front door of the of a city shelter. She had recently had a litter of pups and for sure had many other litters in the past.

Cleo is a 6 year old American Cocker Spaniel who needs an experienced home, especially with Cockers. She has all of the wonderful qualities of a Cocker, but some others that need to be worked on as well.

She is an affectionate girl who craves cuddling, tummy rubs and loves to be brushed. She is also very playful and insists on having lots of toys to hoard and chew on. She loves outings in the car, walks well on a leash in quiet areas where there is not too much distraction from cars, bikes, buses and trucks.

Cleo’s foster mom has worked with her and loves her very much. She says that she still needs work, as Cleo is insecure and fearful at times, reactive to dogs at first meeting—but then becomes best friends with them! She is not so happy to be left alone too long and can still chew on things and be vocal.

We are looking for an experienced family (adult children only), or a single, or a couple, who live in a house (vs. a condo or apartment) with a fenced-in yard, in a suburban setting and with someone working from home or retired.  A tall order indeed, but there must be an angel for Cleo out there.

If interested, please only send emails to

  Babette - Adoption Pending  

Babette is a 2 year old Pomeranian X, tiny, at approx. 4 lbs. Surrendered to the pound as her owner was moving, Babette was a bit stunned when left behind.

So, when we first took her in she was timid, but it didn’t take long for her to get comfy in our arms. Babette likes to play and can live with another small dog.

Outings in the car are a big hit for her. She would make an ideal companion for a single person, or a couple. Families should have kids 16+.

She can stay alone for several hours, but not too long as she gets lonely and sad. She would love you to take her everywhere! No apartments or condos as she can be vocal.

If interested, please only send emails to

  Bonnie - Adoption Pending  


An adorable 8 year old female brindle French Bulldog., Bonnie was with only one family since she was a puppy. Originally from France, she is an owner surrender due to a family divorce.

Bonnie is sweet, gentle and extremely affectionate. As all Frenchies, she is a hoot, comical and fun to be around. She is easy care, and doesn’t need a ton of exercise but she does love her walks. She is happy on car rides and is used to going to work everyday in an office environment.

She is a social butterfly with humans and a great companion but not so wonderful with dogs she doesn’t know. Bonnie should be your one and only. She gets very attached to her human and can be protective. She will bark at the door and at activity on the street so a house would be best for her. If you are familiar with the breed, Bonnie is a great ambassador. 

Bonnie is housetrained, vaccinated, sterilized and ready for her new life. Kids 16+.

If interested, please only send emails to



Holly's is a classic sad story, she was bought as a Christmas present "for the kids" and by springtime was an unwanted addition to the household. An animal loving neighbour took charge and convinced the family that they were not cut out to have a dog in their home at this time as they had no time, patience or love to giver her.

Holly's is looking for a family who will keep her forever and give her the love, time, structure and training that she has never had. Ideally Holly will go to an experienced home and/or to people willing to take this pup to obedience classes.

She is a 1 year old old, Shih-Tzu mix (maybe with King Charles Spaniel or Jack Russell), she is sweet, loving and very smart. Since Holly isn’t too happy about being left alone, we insist on a house vs. an apt. or condo as she will initially bark or whine, as well as a family with a flexible schedule or with someone who works from home. 

She has lived with children, we prefer 12 plus and gets along with some other dogs (best with a confident dog). She is in good health, vaccinated and sterilized. She weighs approximately 11 lbs.

If interested, please only send emails to


This handsome and very friendly male is a Shepherd Mix of 76 pounds, born April 20, 2013, 3 years old.  A very good dog, kids age 12+ as he is a big boy.  No other dog please, great with people but not other dogs.

We want a fenced-in yard for Dallas to play with you or explore on his bathroom break.  Dallas is a VERY nice boy, kind, travels well in the car and loves being petted.  

He has the sweetest face  and wears his heart in his beautiful eyes.  Dallas is neutered, vaccinated and ready to go to his new forever home!

If interested, please only send emails to



Yuka, a 13 year old Bichon Maltais is being given up because her owner has to be travelling regularly and does not want to board her for long periods of time.

She's a timid girl who prefers to be in familiar surroundings with people she knows and loves them to hang out with her in parks or to walk and explore.

Yuka doesn’t do well with change so the transition to a new family will require a lot of love and patience from her new humans. She has always lived with cats and is neutral with dogs as long as they aren’t taking away from her human cuddling time.

She doesn’t require a lot of exercise but would love to wander in her own backyard away from traffic and steet noise. This 18 lb senior darling still looks like a pup.

Do you have room for one more? Kids 14 plus.

If interested, please only send emails to

  Maya - Adoption Pending  


Beautiful and sweet MAYA is 13 1/2years old, her owner passed away and  she needs a new forever home!  She still has a lot of love to give. 

She appears to be a Golden Retriever/Husky Mix, spayed, vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, a very sweet girl looking for a peaceful retirement home. 

Because of her age NO other dogs or cats in the home, NO small children—she is a senior in great shape but is retired now wanting peace & quiet. 

Poor Maya lived her entire life with badly infected ears that were never treated and gradually her frequent ear shaking resulted in her ears curling up on the ends permanently. 

Gerdy had her ears treated but the curly effect will always be there now.  She has time left, would LOVE a new home!  Is your heart big enough for Maya?

Updated 02 Sep 2016.

If interested, please only send emails to



This girl wants to be your one and only Jade is a stunning, 5 year old, 83 lb.mixed breed (maybe shepherd, dane, rottie). Her owner was evicted from her apartment and had nowhere to live with a large dog.

Jade is a sweet, smart, playful, gentle giant who will do well in a home with experienced dog people who can give her the love, attention and exercise that she loves and needs. A fenced-in yard would be a bonus for her!

She is not a big fan of other dogs, so she has to be the one and only. Kids 12 plus (because of her size).

If interested, please only send emails to


Heidi is a Malamute / Husky mix. Born May 15, 2009 (7 years old), she is beautiful inside and out. Although Heidi is sweet and good-natured, she is a bit scared since her rescue and would do best in a secure and loving home with no other pets, and preferably older kids (16 plus), if any.

A fenced in yard for Heidi to roam in would be a plus. She is sterilized, vaccinated, and is an all around wonderful dog. Heidi is a real looker, and her new family someone will be getting a great and loyal new friend! Updated 22 June 2016.

If interested, please only send emails to


I am a senior female 10 year old Golden Retriever, spayed and vaccinated. I suffered a shock in my life when my elderly human passed away in the house
with me. I was in terrible shape when finally the police arrived MUCH later and took him away. I thought I would be safe but no one gave ME a second look.

The police just tied me up outside in the yard in the country, no one was called to help ME! And no one saw the huge painful abcess on my side or the condition I was in physically because my human had not been able to care for me properly, perhaps for weeks previously. I remained tied up outside with no care in the yard for a few days before someone noticed me tied up there on a tether.

I had no food, shelter or water when K911 rescued me and brought me to Gerdy. Gerdy took me over, I was not a well girl. It took a LONG time for my abcess to get better after surgery, because I kept opening it up even with a head cone. With one thing and another it has taken me a long time and even now I need a VERY SPECIAL new human in my life, someone with a magic healing touch of calmness inspiring trust. I choose my dog friends!

I have not had an easy life and much socialization, basically I have relied on MYSELF for emotional and physical survival all those sad years my person could or would not look after me properly. I will need NO other pets in my new home, NO kids. I am a rather an independent girl used to fending for myself, as always. I need help restructuring my life socially.

I have improved a lot under the care I am getting but need my own home. I need someone who will work patiently with me, leaving me to myself when I need a quiet time, and respecting I am a work in progress. I am rather opinionated. If I feel like being petted, you can, but right now I prefer to call my own shots as I always have done.

I am a SURVIVOR and it has left emotional scars to be opened up and healed with TRUST. If you are a confident and patient person, preferably single with NO children and NO other pets, and interested in helping me socially, and who has a good way with dogs getting back their confidence and allowing time to do the healing, please contact Gerdy.

I am spayed, vaccinated, heartworm negative. I was a
neglected dog through no fault of my own. But I still need LOVE and SECURITY like any pet. After all, dogs ARE sentient beings! Updated 25 Apr 2016.

If interested, please only send emails to

  Little Steve  

This sweet boy is Great Dane/Lab mix at 135 pounds. When Gerdy took him on, he was dreadfully thin, after much testing it seems it is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. His treatment was changed and he has now gained the weight he should be and is doing well. He is on medication.

Little Steve is the DEAREST dog, he is relaxed and so loving, he waits to be petted, he enjoys attention so very much. He is a slightly older dog with some frost on his muzzle. Very devoted. Little Steve is a VERY SPECIAL NEEDS dog who knows he was helped and is so GRATEFUL.

If you are a nurturing individual and want to help a deserving dog, Little Steve is the boy for you! He CANNOT be neutered because of his medical condition, so there can be no other dog in the home. Untried with cats. No small children as he needs a retirement atmosphere. Updated 28 Apr 2016.

If interested, please only send emails to

  Sniff - Adoption Pending  

SNIFF, SNIFF (you may need a handkerchief for this one)

Sniff’s human constant companion, best friend and soulmate was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer a month ago and just died, leaving Sniff homeless at 9 plus years old.

She is a friendly, affectionate, calm, yet playful for her age, giant German Shepherd, weighing about 99 lbs. She is used to living a country life and has even been a working girl, helping her owner sniff out narcotics for the police.

Sniff likes people, cats and other dogs but would do best as the only dog. If you love giant breeds, have a fenced-in property for her to hang out in, none to minimal stairs and lots of time to be with her, Sniff is desperate for a retirement home. She is vaccinated and sterilized.

If interested, please only send emails to

** Courtesy Listings - Please be sure to contact only the person listed. Thank You **


Please contact owner directly

If you would like to adopt or foster me please email

My name is KiKi and at 13 years of age I was dumped at the Montreal SPCA in a horrible state!

I am a male poodle mix,18 lbs.  I am house trained and leash trained. Dog friendly, people friendly, cat friendly I do suffer from some anxiety when left alone, no destruction just crying so no apartments please. Vaccinated, neutered, micro chipped, dental done. I have a Grade 3 heart murmur but a in great shape.



Please contact owner directly

If you would like to adopt or foster me please email

My name is Lenny! Don’t let these pics of me fool you … I look like I could be a lab puppy but I am a 12 year old Chihuahua mix! Abandoned as a senior by my family I cannot tell you what my life was like before my awesomesauce foster mom came to pick me up at the shelter but I can tell you what my life is like now.

IT IS AMAZING!  In foster care I have pugs to hang out with and even cats! I love them all so much, they are great company for when my foster mom leaves to go to work. I am left alone full work day, uncrated with no destruction whatsoever. Happy to snooze the day away waiting patiently for her return. I do, do my business outside when I am outside but can have accidents in the home though when left for longer periods of time. I think it is normal based on my age and also being in a new home learning all the new rules. But I am a smart little man so I hope I can figure out how not to make little mistakes.

I am perfect walking on the leash and I love my mini walks very much. And while I am not overly vocal per say when the pugs start barking I am more than happy to join in even though I have absolutely no idea why I am barking! I am a little standoffish with people, I desperately want loving so very much but am just shy and do not know how to ask for it. So a calm and patient and loving home would be ideal for me. Clearly I did not get a lot of cuddles in the past as they seem quite foreign to me now when my foster mama gives them to me. I can tell you though that I do love the attention very much.

I have not been around any children but at 12 years old I think I would prefer the grandkids visiting for a couple of hours rather than living in an active bustling loud home with young children. I just want to chill and hang out and go for walks and nap and eat! I arrived in foster care quite skinny so even though I am 12lbs I probably could gain another couple of pounds to be at a healthier weight.

I am a little stressed on car rides and need the emotional support of kind words and pets to let me know that everything is going to be ok. Clearly I am just not that used to them so maybe the more often I get out for mini drives the more my confidence will build… who knows? 

I asked my foster mom what was my WORST quality when I was writing my profile and she responded that the worst thing about me is that I am ABSOLUTELY PERFECT … I love my foster mom, she always makes me feel like I am a Number One Top Dog! I am not used to feeling that way about myself but boy-oh-boy I can tell you I am learning to love this feeling.

Foster mom wanted to add her own little note about me to my profile so here is what she has to say: “You can see that he had a hard life. He is unsure on how to behave in a house.  He wants cuddles and to be pet, but he doesn't know how to ask for it. He needs a quiet home, with a soft bed for him to lie in. 

Vet History: base vaccinated (booster due January 2017), rabies vaccinated (revaccination date December 2017), neutered, dental cleaning, dewormed. Will have one final checkup prior to adoption for health check and microchip.

Please email us directly at



If interested, please email us at


Chuggzy is a 6 year old Pug. He is affection, obedient and docile. He is a true lap dog, who prefers to cuddle up on the sofa and watch tv rather than exercise.

In fact, when he is watching television he gets very animated, especially when he sees other animals on the screen: he will bark at them, whine and moan.

Once he leaves the house though, he remembers that he doesn’t mind walking and playing outside. With new people he is a bit mistrustful but with time and patience comes around.

Chuggs is housetrained and asks for the door. He loves his crate—it’s his safe place––he even sleeps there. He would be best as an only pet, even though he gets along with other animals.

Someone with dog experience particularly with timid and mistrustful dogs is required. He is neutered, up-to-date on his shots. Children 16 plus.



Please contact owner directly

Please contact Lee at

Spirit is a 9 year old GSD, who is very good with people, and has been in the same home since he was a puppy. Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of the control of Spirit's family, he needs to be rehomed.

He is in good health, and has great ball drive and is very affectionate according to his family. His one fault is that he is dog aggressive, and has prey drive, so Spirit would need a home with no other animals.

His case is urgent, so if anyone can help that is GSD experienced and is able to manage a dog with prey drive/dog aggression, please message me privately for the contact information for Spirit's family.

Thanks so much!

**Courtesy Listings - Please be sure to contact only the person listed. Thank You **


Poppy Is a 4-5 year male old long-haired orange cat. Found as a stray on the West Island.

He is friendly, affectionate and a beauty to look at. Although FIV positive, he is in perfect health vaccinated, neutered and ready to find his forever home.

If interested, please only send emails to



This beautiful and friendly, chatty young female cat is looking for a home of her own.  She is a sweet girl who was found in a wood pile with her new kittens (now adopted), barely managing to survive.

They were taken in by a kind woman and surrendered to Gerdys. She is healthy, spayed and vaccinated.

If interested, please only send emails to

  GiGi - Adoption Pending  

Because of a severe allergy of their small infant this beautiful cat has to be rehomed as soon as possible. She is 6 years old, highly affectionate and will approach anyone, stranger or not for love and petting. 

Does not like to be held or picked up, but WILL on her own accord, jump up on your lap or slink up next to you and ask for love.  If you don’t pet her, she will pet you!

Very social and gets along with small children, small and large dogs.  A gem of a cat!  LOVES TO POSE FOR PICTURES!  An Oriental shorthair mix, she has all the delightful quirks of the breed with the fun and vigor of a domestic. 

STERILIZED, no health problems, no deafness, and used to getting claw caps applied!  INDOOR ONLY!  A cat in a million!

If interested, please only send emails to


Donnie was found as a stray.  He is very delicate in stature with little white paws and white bib.  Donnie has been neutered and vaccinated, FIV tested (negative) under Gerdy's care. 

This handsome boy is estimated to be about 1 1/2 years old and is very timid.  Donnie must be an indoor-only cat and he is a very aristocratic Domestic Shorthair.

If interested, please only send emails to


Dear Loulou is 10 years old, a sterilized female, who is calm and very sweet. Declawed on all four paws. She was abandoned by her owner and is a friendly and nice cat looking for a home where she can retire.

She is appreciative with lots of love to give. A gentle and shy little girl, she just needs time to adjust to new people but then she will jump up beside you or into your lap,-- she likes to decide when it is cuddle time!

Untried with dogs, but in her old home was picked on by another cat, so Loulou would like being the only cat in the household for a change. She used to enjoy being brushed when she felt like it.

Are YOU the family Loulou can depend on now?

Updated Oct 15 2016

If interested, please only send emails to

  Sparkle & Storm  

SPARKLE (that’s me on the left & below!)

Hi! I’m Sparkle, a young cat of 11 months, currently in foster care through Gerdy’s Rescue. I am your typical teenaged cat—I love exploring, roasted chicken, and cuddling on the bed with my foster parents… did I mention roasted chicken? I will do anything for roasted chicken! I absolutely adore other cats and it would be great to have a brother/sister cat to keep me company.

I was living outside with my brother and sister until a nice lady decided it was too cold for kittens to be outside so she brought us inside, and then asked Gerdy for help.

I was very shy and scared at first, but I have made so much progress. I don’t run and hide from my foster parents anymore—in fact, I am quite “pushy” when I want to be loved and cuddled. I have also learned to live with a grumpy old lady Chihuahua, and I am comfortable with dogs as long as they’re gentle with me too.  I am sterilized, dewormed and up to date on my vaccines.

If interested, please only send emails to

STORM (that’s me on the upper right!)

Like my sister SPARKLE, I am 6 months old and am a neutered male kitten, up to date on my vaccines & dewormed. My foster mama gave me a nickname—“Mischievous Monkey” because I get into everything!

I like playing with your feet when you are asleep and carrying those little foam cat toys around in my mouth. I dislike loud noises or being put in a cat carrier. Having lived with a small dog my favourite game is to run up to her, give her a small smack on the nose( no claws used,) then run away! I told you I was mischievous—so if you have a dog,

I too need for the dog to be patient with me. Like sister Sparkle, I was living outside until a nice lady trapped us, brought us inside, then asked Gerdy for help. Gerdy placed us in a foster home. I was very shy & scared at first too, but I have made a lot of progress.

Treats go a long way in helping me feel comfortable with you. My foster mama has not yet found a treat that I don’t like! Posted 17 May 2016.

If interested, please only send emails to


Caramel was an indoor cat until his owners were evicted, then he was put on the street to fend for himself. Being a nice temperament he soon got picked on by other male street cats because he was unneutered.

Gerdy took him on, and had him neutered, vaccinated and his test showed he was positive for FIV he was exposed to outside. He is in great health and is about 4-5 years old. He is VERY sweet, gentle, the NICEST cat! Lovely disposition, a real darling.

He really deserves a wonderful home and will reward you with being your best pal and confidant, repaying you with all his gratitude and devotion. Posted 1 Apr 2016.

If interested, please only send emails to


Here I am as a sad case, brought to Gerdy’s care as a stray cat with frozen feet. This is what happens to a stray in winter weather with no warm home to go to.

I am about 4 years old, estimated birth date December 2010 and I weighed 10 ½ pounds when I was brought in. I am a Domestic Shorthair male. To add to my troubles, I was found to be FIV positive.

I can still comfortably live in a home with another FIV cat, I am doing good, it was just my feet being frozen that bothered me. Now my bandages are all off and I am much happier, neutered too! I am a NICE cat!

Do you have a warm heart I can warm my cold feet with in future, safe and loved?

If interested, please only send emails to


I am a dear male cat, born in January of 2015, a little over a year old, neutered & vaccinated. A Domestic Shorthair grey Tabby with white. I lost my home when my family moved to a place where pets were not allowed.

Gerdy took me on. I am such a sweetheart. If you are a nurturing person, I was born with a neuro problem that does not affect my life. I love to be cuddled and am well behaved, a charmer. I am on the small side at only 7 pounds, just right and I deserve a loving home too don’t you think?

Please consider me, you will not regret it. I am very lovable! Posted 25 March 2016.

If interested, please only send emails to


This sweet abandoned girl was discovered one extremely freezing cold day in the engine of a truck where she had DESPERATELY sought shelter and warmth, not realizing that the engine was still hot from running. She suffered burns to her paws mainly.

Bev is now ready for a home of her own, she is 2 years old, a shorthaired tortoiseshell. Bev is good with cats, dogs, and children. Bev has food allergies so needs to eat a special food.

Bev is a VERY affectionate and loving cat says her foster mom. Can you give beautiful Bev the home she so deserves after her ordeal? Posted 08 March 2016.

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I am one fortunate male cat! I had been seen eye injured, crossing busy streets with a hole where one eye had been, all alone in the world with no one to care. I was a street cat. I was skinny and starving; it is hard to hunt for food when one is in pain with one eye gone and was a miracle I was not struck by a car as it was very busy on that road.

A kind lady saw me struggling to survive and knew a survivor when she saw one! I was so hungry, so she left me food. I was starving and was the start of HOPE for me! When I trusted her enough to let her near me, she saw how bad my injury was.

Gerdy was contacted and had the surgery done to repair the damaged area so now I have a permanent wink to charm you! I can be shy at first with NO aggression, but I soon get over that and I am very sweet natured. I LOVE to be petted, I so appreciate LOVE.

I am a typical sweet all grey Domestic Shorthair, neutered and vaccinated. I have a gorgeous big round head. I LOVE my food-- I never want to starve again. I am estimated by the vet to be about 4 years old. You will never regret giving me a secure and loving home, gratitude is my middle name!

I am FIV positive but very healthy, please give me a chance because I am healthy and can live a LONG life! Updated 31 Jan 2016.

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  Bud & Mikey  


Please contact owner directly

Contact or call Shannon Roy  at (514) 568-9865

These 2 debonaire gentlemen are the Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly of cats.  BUD is a Tuxedo Cat of 10 years, a smooth and elegant dancer and gentleman. 

MIKEY, his friend in the family, is a Tabby 9 years old.  BOTH ARE DECLAWED IN FRONT!  Mikey is a bit more inclined to Jazz himself, but 2 smoothies who now find themselves homeless because of illness of their owner who is now in a residence where they cannot be with her any more. 

Both are NEUTERED but daughter placing them will pay for their update on vaccinations and vet visit, to be arranged through her.  They have been together all their lives, PLEASE, will you take these 2 together so they can enjoy a new life, not parted in age now?

These are DEAR cats and are not to be outside at all, being declawed in front would be helpless outdoors with a predator or escaping danger.These glamour boys need a home asap and will reward you with lots of love!



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Please help this dear little cat if you can.  Patsie is full grown and DESPERATELY needs a home inside!  Patsie is white and brown with lovely green eyes. 

She is VERY friendly and LOVES to be petted, she will roll on the carpet and loves to play.  She is likely at least a year old.



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Puma is a loving 12 year old DECLAWED front paws. Loveskids but would do better with a female cat companion or all by himself. 

Shy but EXTREMELY affectionate once he gets to know you!



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Contact Mrs. Choquette at (514) 727-4300 OR email Nicole Choquette at

PATOF – Femelle, née le 15 juin 2016

Patof est un petit paquet d’énergie en pleine forme! Elle est issue de parents qui sont nés à l’extérieur et ont été secourus par sa famille actuelle. Elle a 2 frères et 1 sœur et bien que la famille garde un des petits frères elle a déjà 3 chats en résidence, donc Patof cherche une nouvelle maison accueillante.

Patof is a bundle of energy. Trusting and affectionate and in full form, she is the offspring of parents who were born outside and rescued by her current family.  She has two brothers and one sister and while her family loves cats, it is keeping one of her brothers and will allready have three cats, so Patof needs a new, welcoming home.



Please contact owner directly

Contact Mrs. Choquette at (514) 727-4300 OR email Nicole Choquette at

SAPINOU – Mâle, né le 15 juin 2016, non castré

Chat intrépide, curieux et doux, Sapinou est issu de parents qui sont nés à l’extérieur et ont été secourus par sa famille actuelle. Il a 1 frère et 2 sœurs et bien que la famille garde le frère elle a déjà 3 chats en résidence, donc Sapinou cherche une nouvelle maison accueillante. Il n’est jamais sorti pas adore jouer avec son jeune maître, un petit garçon de 8 ans.

An intrepid, curious and gentle cat, Sapinou is the offspring of parents who were born outside and rescued by his current family. He has 1 brother and 2 sisters and needs a kind family to take him in as his current home already houses 3 cats, as it is also keeping his brother. He has never gone outside but loves playing with his owner, an 8-year old boy.


Please contact owner directly

Contact Mrs. Choquette at (514) 727-4300 OR email Nicole Choquette at

SNAPE – Femelle, née le 15 juin 2016

Petite chatte affectueuse, enjouée et un brin timide.  Elle est issue de parents qui sont nés à l’extérieur et ont été secourus par sa famille actuelle. Elle a 2 frères et 1 sœur et bien que la famille garde un des petits frères elle a déjà 3 chats en résidence, donc Snape cherche une nouvelle maison accueillante. Elle a surtout été élevée par un petit garçon de huit ans qui joue beaucoup avec elle.

Small, playful and a wee bit shy, Snape is the offspring of parents who were born outside and rescued by her current family.  She has two brothers and one sister and while her family loves cats, it is keeping one of her brothers and will allready have three cats, so Snape needs a new, welcoming home.  She has spent much time playing with her 8-year old owner.



Please contact owner directly

Please email or call (613) 677-2238 (Hawksbury) if interested

This beautiful and good young mother cat is being spayed under Gerdy’s and is looking for a home of her own.  She is a sweet black cat who was found in a wood pile with her new kittens (adopted), barely managing to survive.  They were taken in my a kind woman but they all need to find homes as soon as possible.  PLEASE HELP!



If interested, contact

Charles (a female cat) is about 10 years old and has been spayed. She is very quiet, hardly ever meowing unless she is in distress such as a door being closed on her, forbidding her to be near you! She is incredibly affectionate.

She loves to nuzzle so that you kiss her forehead and adores cuddling right up beside you, always knowing when you need a friend! Though she is very sensitive about her stomach (do not pet there) and prefers to be pet from the head to tail, and especially under the chin! It can be easy for her to get overstimulated and nip occasionally. She is prone to biting when she is not familiar with you yet. She can be a bit moody when she is tired, hungry, or wanting to play. However, once the trust is built with her, her heart of gold shines through.

She also has a unique personality as she has an affinity for socks. Will find them and bring them around the house. She's very playful for her age and needs a lot of play-time. Charles runs on a very strict daily schedule and is not too shy to let you know when it's meal time. She will wake you up on the dot every morning, sit by her bowl in the evening and be curled up at the foot of the bed every night.

She really is the best companion one could ask for!

  Simon and Antar  


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Simon (long hair orange) and Antar (short hair white) are two male brothers (same litter), 3 years old, healthy, fixed and up-to-date with every vaccine recommended by the vet. They are indoor cats with identification chips, amazing and social.

It would be preferable not to separate them but can place them individually if that isn't possible.



Please contact owner directly

Contact Bryan at (514) 549-5704

Forever home needed for a loving female cat. Kicza ('Kitty' in Polish) is a 9 year old domestic long haired cat. She is spayed, vaccinated and in good health. Kicza can be reserved initially, but is very loving and affectionate once she opens up. She needs regular cuddles and playtime, but also enjoys her daily alone time. She definitely loves her food!

She is happy as an indoor cat. She does well with children over 5 years of age, but can become stressed around other cats. She has gotten used to living with other cats and dogs in the past, but would be happier with a space to herself.

Kicza is being put up for adoption because her owner sadly could not take her when she moved to the UK. She is living with friends in Montreal at the moment (Plateau/Mile End), who would be happy to answer questions and introduce you if you are looking to adopt a sweet, older cat.



Please contact owner directly


Hezzy is around 11 or 12 years old and she is an indoor cat who prefers to stay inside with her human friends. She’s got a spunky personality and loves a warm lap.

We are looking for a home for her for July and August or possibly permanently. We have a friend taking care of her but he is going traveling in July so we need to find a home for this cutie soon. Posted 21 June 2016.

  Mint & Goma  

COURTESY LISTING - Compassionate Placement

Please contact owner directly

Call 514-243-0106 or email

We are rehoming our two Tabbies (neutered males) Mint (5) and Goma (4). These two are a bonded pair and would do best in a home without young children or other pets.

Mint is a passionate cat; once you capture his heart he is yours. He has a mild case of asthma. He understands the human world and listens to instructions.

Goma is all about playing and having fun; he will make friends with you and jump off and bounce back into your lap for some snuggle time!



Please contact owner directly


Black male domestic shorthair. Recently Neutered. About 1 year old. Francois has been running loose in my neighbourhood all summer. He is now coming on a regular basis for food and is less fearful and has become very affectionate. He adores a head and neck scratch.

He is still cautious and afraid of startling noises or sudden movements, but he is not a mean kitty. He is not afraid of dogs and other cats.

He likes being outdoors but is becoming more comfortable coming inside the house. He needs a loving home.