Do you have room in your heart and your home to let some love in? Because, if you do, you'll be repaid ten times over. With warmth, and affection. Put a smile on their faces. They'll put one on yours! Please note, we do not adopt to the United States.


Y a-t-il une petite place dans votre cœur et dans votre demeure pour y laisser entrer de l’amour? Si oui, vous serez récompensé(e) au centuple avec chaleur, fidélité et affection. Donnez-leur une raison de sourire à la vie!

  Chico (picture to follow) - adoption pending  

This wee lad is all white, and 8.9 kg in weight.  Chico is a  pure West Highland  Terrier born on March 19, 2011, 3 years old.  Neutered and vaccinated he has a very nice nature.  Being a Terrier we do not know his attitude to cats, so maybe no home with a cat would be prudent.  His owner had no  more time for him so he is seeking a home where he will get leash walks and companionship.  Chico has a lot of affection to give and giving him your attention would be Heaven to Chico!

  Charlie 2  

My family had no more time for me so Gerdy is looking for a new family to give me the love I deserve so much.  My foster mum says I get along very well with their dog and that I am a real sweetie in nature and a joy to care for.
I am a neutered Cocker Spaniel boy, about 27 pounds in weight.  I was born July 24, 2013, I am 8 months old, still a pup, and so GOOD!  Great disposition all around, a wonderful family dog and cute as a button!  Vaccinated, I am ready for a lifetime with YOU! 


This  5 year old King German Shepherd was abandoned by his owner.  A handsome beige and black, he has the  softest of eyes, a real lover boy!
A VERY handsome big chap, he weighs in at 94 pounds of solid dog.  Jack is good with other dogs and people, and is GENTLE and  WELL behaved.  Good in the car, he is a relaxed traveller.  Good at the vets too! 
Jack has had a complete revamping by Gerdy’s.  He is neutered, heartworm tested negative, dewormed, vet checked in good shape, and vaccines updated.  He is all set to go!   Jack deserves a home where he will be appreciated and loved.


Courtesy Listing

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Benji, a tri-color Basenji is 5 yrs old, and neutered. People friendly, not dog friendly, he is a alpha male type that doesn't know his size. Doesn't like to be alone. He's energetic, fun, and he loves to run.

Independant but loves his cuddles too. If not given he will let you know when it's time. Not cat friendly at first but with time he does adapt very well. You can get his attention fairly easily and always with a treat. Prey drive is there! so a leash is a must. A Basenji has a hunting nature so inclined to chase small animals.Good in the car.

Good dog and great friend .I had a cancer scare with him last year in November, he had a bump on his back leg that was confirmed to be cancer but thankfully the vet took it out with large margins and all of it's out you'd never know he was ever ill. He runs and plays and wrestles with his brother everyday. He is in great health and spirit and would make someone a great fur baby.
Health: Strong as a ox



Please contact:

A 5 year old Basenji, neutered and healthy.
Rocky is really a huge softy, he LOVES to cuddle and get belly rubs while curled up in your lap. He is fun and energetic and loves to play with everyone, man, woman and child, cats, dogs.

He will bow to play with any dog. loves to run and wrestle. Prey drive is there, Basenjis are hunting dogs who chase small animals. He is a hunter so on leash is must. Loves to sit for treats and show off his good looks. He has soft eyes and soul, a real mama's or papa's boy. Rocky will follow you from room to room and always plop down by your side. All around good dog,the only fault he might have is he likes to eat clothes or toilet paper, so you need to be careful not to give him the opportunity.

Rocky is a great...super dog and really needs exercise.
Health:No health issues.






 COURTESY LISTING:  for contact info email ONLY to

The lady who saved me from a life of neglect is fostering me in hopes she can find me a forever loving home. I was an Easter Bunny impulse purchase 2 years ago, an impulse by a mother for her 5 year old daughter. The novelty soon wore off, and I grew to adult size. No longer paid attention to. I was severely neglected and handled very roughly by the child as she treated me like a living toy, I was squeezed and handled roughly, it was a wonder I survived! I was then never taken out of my cage for exercise, I could not hop or move because my nails had grown too long, painfully curled into my bottom pads.

It was then that I was saved by a kind hearted lady who saw I was kept in the basement furnace room in a cage only big enough for a guinea pig! She cut my nails as I calmly sat in her lap as she helped me. After she put me
down, I found I could once again hop! Then I felt so great, I hopped and pranced about happily! Finally my owner agreed that the lady could take me over into her loving home and find me a new home.  So here I am! I know I am not a dog or cat, but if there is a good bunny home for me to be cared for and loved, please I need your help! I am a sweet bunny girl waiting to be loved!  


I desperately need a retirement home!  I am a 13 year old retired homeless gentleman myself, and I am looking for someone who does not think retired means useless and too old to love, as did my old family who abandoned me.
I will have you know that THIS Chihuahua might have snow on the roof but my heart is BURSTING with love stored there for YOU!  I have good years left, we Chis tend to live a VERY long life and considering that, I am still in my prime! 
I am neutered and vaccinated. I have had recent dentistry, so that is all looked after now!   You and I can have nice senior walks together, watch ZOOMER on tv, and maybe SURVIVOR for inspiration and arm chair exercise!  I have still good energy and am very optimistic about life being good, especially senior years.  I am productive, smart, I would be a good Manager of your time, maybe I can lay beside your computer as you work, as your Muse. I get great ideas in my sleep as you can see by my busy little legs as I visualize all our projects to work on as I dream of big ideas!  This is your BIG chance to share life with LITTLE me! 


No, unfortunately I am not a Scottish Fold cat.  I am a Winter Frozen Cat, I almost died then but was headed to certain death as I was found as a stray and taken to a gassing pound.  Lucky for me there were people trying to save animals going down, and got word of me to Gerdy, who took me into her rescue.
My ears were badly frozen & I lost the ends so I might look strange, but as a true Survivor, I am kinda proud of my badge of survival!  You can tell my story to educate people not to toss an animal into the elements to die a painful death.  Now, I was once a cat with a home, but I guess they put me out one day and shut the door behind me and pretended they weren’t home to hear my desperate yowls to get back inside to the warmth. 
To make things worse for me, I am about 7 years old.   I am VERY LOVING but I am uncomfortable around other cats, they think I was chased  when I was a stray, by other cats, so they scare me.  But I love people, getting cuddled.  No kids please or other pets, Gerdy feels I need to be fussed over to make up for all that has happened to me.  Is there someone retired or anyone wanting to give me a peaceful and calm life?  I am healthy, vaccinated and spayed. A  female Domestic Shorthair, I am a black bearded lady with white.  PLEASE help me get my FOREVER home, a warm spot in the sun would be luxury to me!


And well deserving of my name—I am a little angel of a purebred white Miniature Poodle!
I am only 3 years old and looking for a new loving home.  Spayed and vaccinated, I love to please and can be easily trained as I am so smart and not aggressive to anyone.
A bit shy with other dogs at first,and I get excited seeing a cat & will chase after it. Was trained to use pee pee pads but will go outside if taken out.  But I may not wait a very long time to go out again though!  I am quiet but if I hear a sound outside or at the door, like most small dogs I will bark then to tell you.
VERY smart, I love to give kisses and want to be around someone all the time, I am very social.  Multi-talented,  I can also jump pretty high—AGILITY class anyone?


So here I was, relegated to the back deck, being yelled at for no reason, and just left there.  Someone noticed this happening day in and day out and finally talked the person into letting her get a new home for me instead.  So HERE I AM! 

I am a male JACK RUSSEL born July 17 2012, a year and 3 months old, and nearly 13 ½ pounds.  I was tested heartworm negative, been dewormed, vaccinated, and neutered.  I am a happy little chap, we Jacks are a optimistic breed and I am resilient! 

I just LOVE to be cuddled and fussed over, and I would LOVE nice long exercise walks with you.  A little dog coat suggested as it is getting cold outside! Maybe even boots for winter!   

If you have a securely fenced back yard we can play out there together!  But do not leave me alone there as nowadays there are predators who are after little guys like me, some human. 

I am VERY intelligent, you can put us in Agility training together, we Jacks LOVE that as we are exercise fanatics!  And it will do you good too!!  I am sooo lovable!  How about a LONG life you & me together, you can train me to do all kinds of fun things as we Jacks are fast learners!


Yes I feel I won the cat lottery to get out of the frigid cold before I froze to death.  I was found just in time!  PLEASE if you can, do not let my feline friends suffer outside, take and give a home, and save a life. Rescues are full and if one cat gets adopted, one more life can be saved in their place. 

I am only about 9 months old; I am now neutered by Gerdy's and vaccinated. VERY calm, they say I am just ADORABLE! A sweet natured Tabby, I likely will get along with another cat, maybe even a friendly dog.  FOR SURE I will get along famously with YOU!


COURTESY LISTING:  for contact info email ONLY to
I am a 40 pound TERRIER CROSS boy who is sterilized and vaccinated. I am about 8 years old, friendly with people and kids 7+ in age. All was going well for me, my family had me 7 years then the baby came and now he is walking and I am scared of this creature so I growl at him to go away! So they are looking for a new home for me!

Not suited to a condo or apartment as being a Terrier, I do bark on occasion. I am invisible fence trained. I am HOUSETRAINED. I have a BIT of separation anxiety and I settle down after a bit, crated sometimes. Selective with other dogs, I like to chose my dog friends myself. I am not bad on a leash, and currently live with a cat, so ok there! I just want to play with the cat. I need a new home ASAP!

  Bear and Muffin  


These sweeties are Bichon Frise/ Mini/Poodle and are brother and sister, they share the same mother but in different litters.  MUFFIN is white and BEAR is brown.  They are 6-8 pounds each.

Both are very sweet dogs, they are very close to each other and Bear looks after Muffin in such a devoted way.  They belonged to a very nice woman and she was devoted to them.  Sadly she passed away and they were orphaned.

Muffin loves to give kisses!  Bear is no slouch in that department either!  They LOVE to go on a leash walk together and of course play together.  Muffin can be bossy at play with Bear as she likes to tell him what to do but they work it out.  They MIGHT need a bit of housetraining refresher course as when the owner was ill their world turned upside down.

They are 4 and 5 years old, sterilized and vaccinated up to date. Double the pleasure and DOUBLE the fun, Bear and Muffin promise a lifetime of cuddles, love, and devotion!


I was named SNOW but no one knows my real name as I was found abandoned on a highway, cold and wet. I am about 26 ½ pounds and am full grown, vets guess my birthday is February 22, 2010 making me 4 years old. I am vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, dewormed and sterilized. They think I am an American Eskimo Dog, and I don’t seem to shed much.

I am ok with other dogs but would like to be the only pet in the household because I have never known love in a very long time if ever. I adore my foster mum and learning to trust people again, for this reason no little kids please to tease me, I need gentle affection. To have loving care would mean the world to me.

I am recovering from an abcessed tooth that I was found with, that painfully burst out near my eye from not being treated. It was taken care of by Gerdy’s vet and I am nearly all healed up now. I am affectionate and love to be let sleep on the bed!


A Doberman, Kayla is 4 ½ years old, and weighs 80 pounds. She is great with kids and is sociable with other dogs. And HOUSETRAINED! As she likes to chase small critters for the fun of it, please no cats in the household! This sweet and gentle girl is spayed, with vaccines up to date, and is in perfect health. As well she is tested negative for heartworm.
Kayla is an extraordinary Dobie. She is very docile and affectionate, and she certainly does not bite! Her ears and tail are cropped as per the purebred dog she is, and her conformation is very elegant. She can be left alone for several hours when you need to go out, but make no mistake, Kayla LOVES to be around her humans as a true family member. Kayla is a study in everything a Doberman should be and what all families want in their beloved  family dog. Her elegance, and ladylike charm will win you over.  Kayla is patiently waiting to be invited to be your very own girl!


Compassionate Placement

(With Donation to Gerdy's Rescues)

I am the PERFECT cat! At a MATURE 11 years which is but a blip on the life of an inside cat, I have many more good years ahead of me. But my owner was leaving the country and ran out of time to look for a home for me.

In spite of being DECLAWED on all fours, I am also BLACK which can be a hard shade to adopt out we black cats know. I am a VERY handsome chap, shiny and sleek, most debonnaire of neutered male feline! I am impeccable and fastidious in my habits, whilst being deeply affectionate and willing to listen to everything you say to me.

I am a cat psychiatrist, talk to me and we can use the money saved to treat ourselves to salmon, a meal for two, frequently, caviar maybe. After trying desperately to get me a home unsuccessfully, my owner turned to Gerdy’s Rescues to take me on and save my life. So here I am.

Now although I am Mature, I still have a sense of humor and a lively wit! In great shape physically for my age as well as vaccinated, and sterilized, you will be proud to be seen with me and introduce me to your friends. They will be very impressed by your taste in cats!

  Bandit - adoption pending  

This strikingly handsome boy of 29 pounds in weight is a Beagle/Cattledog cross, not a barker, very good natured. Friendly, playfull, and was born June 3, 2013. Neutered and vaccinated he is ready to pack his suitcase and head to your house!

A secure fenced in yard is required, he LOVES to play! Good with other dogs. Could benefit from obedience training to sharpen up his walking skills on leash, as he is still little more than a pup. Full grown in height, he is a nice size to handle.

Very playful and affectionate.


A beautiful pure German Shepherd, Kimmy was born 20 July 2013. 

Kimmy is spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm tested negative.  She came to us from Sherbrooke SPA, Animal Alliance of Canada asked Gerdy to take her on.

Kimmy is very active as she is young, so children 14+ years, and NO CATS as she likes to chase them. She is a good girl for GSD experienced people who know how to train and handle Shepherds.

Kimmy is good with other dogs and loves to play. Very affectionate, Kimmy has a lot of love and devotion to give.


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Meg is a beautiful, very smart, one year old husky with a lot of energy. She responds well to training and picks things up quickly. She is very curious about her surroundings and enjoys taking her time looking around.

She loves being outside, running alongside a bicycle or just at the park and taking long walks. She's great in the car and respects boundaries (she stays in the back seat when told to). She's very gentle when taking treats from an open hand. She loves being around people and bonds well to those she loves.

Once she is properly introduced to other dogs, she can get along well and can play for hours with selective dogs. She is pretty well house trained and crate trained She is very calm at night. Meganne is very sporty and would excel in agility training.

She is a great walker but if she runs a bit before or has a session on her beloved treadmill, the walks are even better and very little corrections is needed. Kids adult only. No cats, selective dogs.


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For the love of Chris

This 4 year old puppy mill survivor loves to be petted and cuddled. Devon likes other dogs but likes one-on-one with a human even better, She has shown that she is somewhat fearful of men but in time when socialized more should come around. A lap, a bed and hugs is all that this girl needs to gain confidence and become the best that she can be. Kids 16+.


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A girl's girl! 

Fable is an 8 year old Chihuahua from the Yorkie puppy mill seizure. She is affectionate, loves cuddling and a very gentle soul. She is dominant with other dogs, but never aggressive!
She is extremely timid around men, when she first meets them and takes a some time to warm up to them but is easy and comfortable around women. Kids 16+.


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Named for the white terrier in the comic strip "Asterix and Obelix", Idéfix's character matches his name. Idéfix translates as "fixed idea"and our little a guy knows what he wants.

This 3 year old terrier mix is a small packages with a very big character, yet sometimes lacks confidence. When given a little reassurance and a little time he will follow you to the end of the earth.

A great snuggler, he would be happy equally on your lap or by your side on an adventure. He barks at comings and goings so he would do better in a house. He is good with most small dogs, and sometimes afraid of the big ones. Cats are not his thing. Kids 16+.


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SPCA Annexe

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A beautiful soul looking for a retirement home with a fenced in yard

Bullet is a big lover boy who adores cuddling. This Great Dane/ Pitbull mix is looking for a family who will give him lots of affection and play time- he may be 8 years old, but he's a puppy at

heart!  Bullet is smart as a whip and knows many commands. He is very obedient but can get sidetracked with birds, squirrels and other small animals while on a walk. He is selective with

other dogs and can pull hard on the leash, so experience with large dogs is an asset.

Bullet needs a ground level apartment or a private home, as too many stairs may be problematic for him in his golden years. Kids 10, No cats. Very selective dogs.

  Calico and Blackie  

Courtesy Listing

These 2 kittens are 5 months old and LOVE to play together, so much so it would be a shame to split them up!

They are going to be sterilized April 19, 2014.  Calico is a girl, Blackie is a boy and they're brother and sister. 

They are both  longhaired domestic kittens.   Vaccinated.  Affectionate & adorable, well socialized, and nicely playful.


Courtesy Listing

My name is BELLA and I live up to my name.  I do not chew anything, and I DO NOT BARK.  I am a senior lady of 8 1/2 years and an ideal candidate for an older person or couple especially. 

I am super healthy and vaccinated.  I am a truly an AMAZING girl Black Labrador Retriever. I am being given up because having 3 dogs is too much for my person, so she is seeking a GOOD and Loving home for my senior years where I will be cared for with commitment. 

She says I deserve all the love and attention I can get!


Courtesy Listing

Misfit is a gorgeous one-year-old long-haired male cat looking for a loving home. He was rescued from the frigid Montreal temperatures a few months ago. He is now so grateful to have food, water and a warm shelter. He was fearful at first (because he was feral ) but is now very affectionate and purrs a lot. Misfit needs a home with a loving and patient human companion. Sadly, if Misfit can’t find a permanent home, he will need to be released back outside. Please, let’s help give this sweetheart a second chance at a wonderful life!


Maddix was going to be euthanized at a gassing pound because his owner did not want him anymore, so dumped him there.

Maddix is a cheerful boy. A big guy at 89 pounds, he is a male German Shepherd X, brindle in color.  Born January 29, 2011 he is neutered, heartworm tested negative,dewormed and vaccinated.

He does not like to be crated. We believe he had a bad experience with that.  Maddix is good in the car, loves to go for a drive!  He needs obedience training as he is so large, but is a handsome and big hearted guy. 

A dog for teens or older children but for the adults to walk!  When Maddix gets trained, he is going to be a fantastic dog!


Look at those ears!  Roscoe is going to be a bigger dog when he grows up.  Currently in foster care, Roscoe is a German Shepherd Mix and 6 months old now. 

He had been abandoned at DMV at 3 months needing surgery for a leg problem now fixed and he is doing great.  Active, social, and very playful, Roscoe is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and all set to go to his new forever home!


Cleo is a beautiful TONKINESE , 6.2 kg,  a spayed female born May 22, 2007.  She is a cream & white LONGHAIR. Vaccinated etc.   

Cleo’s owner is ill and hospitalized now.  Cleo misses her owner and would love to be Blessed with someone special to love her again. 

Is that special someone YOU?


This sweet tri-colour Beagle boy is 4 1/2 years old and has one eye blue and the other brown—very distinctive!   Charlie was abandoned by his owner.  Charlie would love a new home to call his own!

Beagles can be vocal when excited, so not for an apartment or condo.  And they need a securely fenced back yard as they follow their nose if loose and can be miles away in no time, exploring.  But they are great pets, full of love for their family. 

Charlie was rather neglected in his training, it is obvious that his owner gave him no training time as he needs to learn to walk properly on leash and learn the social graces of a dog’s world.

But he is a darling and well worth the time invested, he is a smart boy and will learn quickly.  Charlie is vaccinated, neutered, dewormed, heartworm tested negative.  Life is more fun with a Beagle to entertain you!

Koko is UP for ADOPTION to try again, as adopting two active dogs proved too much.

What a clown our KOKO is!  Her face LOOKS wrinkled but it is not—rather it is her markings that give that effect.  She is just so dramatic looking! 

Koko is about 9 months old, seems to be an Australian Cattle Dog mix, absolutely the dearest girl!  Friendly and playful, she loves other friendly dogs and people.   Older children who are gentle with a pet and a family who will take her to puppy class obedience lessons would be best to give her a good start in life. 

Koko was brought to us found tied up to a tree with an injured leg, someone did not want her so abandoned her outside.  Does she hold a grudge?  NO!  She LOVES people, and loves to play.  Koko had surgery on the leg and is fine.  She is sterilized and vaccinated. 

Koko is so grateful to the woman who found her helpless and took her to Gerdy that lucky day for Koko.  We were doing an appearance for the PEDIGREE Adoption Drive and took Koko over, and got her all the care she needed.  Now this dramatic looking girl is ready for a life as YOUR dog!


Courtesy Listing

Stella, his female sibling, is booked to be sterilized in January. She is a little more shy but is a sweetheart and comes to play. Stella is feminine and dainty! A little doll!  Both are domestic shorthair tabby & white.


Courtesy Listing

For more information, call (514) 846-0226 ONLY.

Maya is a long-haired tabby who was rescued from the streets as a young cat. She has lived with the same owner for four years, and now, sadly, must be given up since her owner is moving into a seniors' residence.

Maya is sterilized, and all her shots are up to date. She is affectionate and companionable, but a little nervous around children and other animals. She is about six years old, and would do best in a quiet, stable household.

She loves to be petted and brushed, and is very vocal! Can you find a place in your heart and home for Maya?



  Chinook & Yukon  

Courtesy Listing

Chinook and Yukon are still available!

Please contact:

Husky seniors URGENTLY need retirement homes!
We are looking for caring, loving, patient homes for 3 former sled dogs. Laska is a 9 1/2 year old female and Chinook and Yukon are both 11 year old males.

They lived outside in their prior life, but are becoming acclimatized to spending some time indoors at the shelter.

They walk nicely on a leash, are friendly, affectionate and overall nice dogs considering their difficult past.

  Laska has been Adopted  

TAZ is a PEKINESE with a puppy cut!  Some do that to keep the hair look less shedding but we must admit it does look cute!   Taz is 6 years old, a neutered and vaccinated male who was abandoned by his owner.  TAZ gets along with other dogs and is very sociable, but ideally would like a home of his own this time around as he LOVES attention and a nice cuddle!

A very pleasant boy, he LOVES his walks.  Pee pad trained we were told.  He does not have breathing problems, had his nose vet checked!  Currently in a foster home and is well liked!

  Henri - adoption pending  

Sweet HENRI is a  12 pound mix of Beagle and Jack Russell, or in the language of Designer Dog breeders he is called a Jack-A-Bee.  Cute name but still a mutt! 

Henri was born April 29, 2011 and is a tri-colored, neutered male and vaccinated.  Henri is good with kids.  He was abandoned at DMV by his owner so Gerdy is finding him a new forever home.  

This jolly boy will need a securely fenced back yard and cannot be allowed to go loose as he will wander away,  being a hound.  We suggest crating when not home, but if he can find a family with someone home in the daytime, he’d love that as he is people oriented and sociable. 

He will need to be exercised, he LOVES walks and running through the crisp fallen leaves!  Not cat tested so we suggest no cats in the household. 

Absolutely adorable, Henri will steal your heart!


This handsome and sweet boy is a mix of Bassenji and Labrador.  He is 2 years old, blond and white, weighs 50 pounds and is in very good health, HOUSETRAINED!  He needs lots of exercise so a well fenced back yard with YOU to play with him is great.

Plays well with other dogs, would make a GREAT second dog to a dog loving to play with another dog!    Not at all aggressive with people but a good heart!  An all-around good dog for active people, or family with older active kids.

Axel is a handsome boy, neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested negative.  Look at those ears—ready for takeoff!!


This sweet and adorable pure Basset boy is now about 8 months old, was a impulse buy in a pet store then they realized that training a puppy was a LOT bigger job than they realized, so dumped him.  Benjamin is an EXCEPTIONALLY good natured puppy but like all pups his age plays hard for a short while then collapses asleep!  Benjamin is a tri-color Basset working his house training, but will go outside with encouragement and good timing!  He was neutered and vaccinated.   

A BASSET FAMILIAR FAMILY with PATIENCE will be sought for this exceptional boy, not often we get  pup and he is a real sweetie!  Someone who is HOME daily as well as pups can’t be left alone for a whole working day in a crate.  He is very smart, and loves other dogs, but right now chases the cat in his foster home to play, so maybe no cats as they are not dog toys. At the age where he has to be supervised when awake and not in his crate but worth all the attention he needs to make him a perfect family dog!  He loves his crate to rest in.   

Benjamin has had a needed surgery on one front leg, to remove a deformed bone that was rubbing against another bone.  We are awaiting another orthopedic exam in a month to see if any further surgery on the area needs to be done.  Older kids as he still needs obedience training and would benefit from a puppy class!  To a Basset loving and familiar family, he will be a real treasure!


Well folks, I need help in getting my weight down!  I am WAY overweight, I tip the scales at 95 pounds, likely a good 30 pounds overweight, I am obese. 

I am a Black Lab Mix, with shorter legs, and was born March 2, 2007, 7 years old.  I am a neutered male, with all my vaccines, heartworm tested negative. 

My owner was unable to care for me anymore.  I need good care to get the weight off  but am healthy.  Not great with other dogs, I like people tho! 

I am very lonely, just wanting to be loved and paid attention to, never to be the chubby boy on the beach again.


Courtesy Listing

Bello is a young 11 pound male, abandoned on a farm.  His new life was one of misery, hunger and cold all the time, but the person who dumped him had no care that he would suffer.  

Just in time, happily,  he was rescued  by a woman who took him in.  One of the few lucky ones, he is now looking for a new home where he will forget his sad past. 

He is always looking for cuddles and rolls on his back to show appreciation.  Thanks to his rescuer,  he is litterbox trained, and was taken to a vet where he was sterilized, dewormed. 

Although in such a surrounding for the first time ever, he was found to be in EXCELLENT HEALTH and declared ADORABLE, AFFECTIONATE and COOPERATIVE after travelling nicely in a cage.

Never tested with other animals, Bello would prefer to be the only pet with his adoptive family where he could soak up
ALL the affection he can get! 

Bello presently lives in Montebello, hence his name, and would brought out to Montreal for adoption or could be picked up.

  Ms. Victoria  

Good day to you, My Subjects.  I am Queenship of all I see!  My friends (close friends) call me Tori or Vickie, but PLEASE don’t tell my public , it would be SO embarrassing!  I have a REGAL dignity that belies my Cinderella beginnings.  I am enjoying my new position sooo much, you see, as I am a rags to riches Queen.

I was a queen indeed, as I was pregnant, and I was thrown outside into the cold.  I was desperate to find both food and warmth.  I was about a year and a half of age, if that, very young myself.  I was rescued by the same person as was Miss Tippy.  She coaxed me into her basement apartment with food, then had me vetted.  I tested negative to all cat diseases, and underwent surgery.

Now I am a happy and healthy girl—whoops, Queen.  Excellent with my litterbox (as any royal personage of good manners), and when one of my subjects in my foster home plays with me, I am EXTREMELY playful—love to chase ANYTHING—a box, a rope, a feather—I am good for about 15 minutes of sheer enjoyment participating with you!  Afterwards I will  take a royal nap for several hours!

I love to look out the window at my Kingdom—no desire to experience the cold and unfriendly life outside ever again—and will spend the rest of my days strictly in my castle!  As you pet me gently, I will lick your hand as if to say THANK YOU.  Because of the fear of street cats who picked on me, I want to be an ONLY CAT please!  Maybe even an only pet if possible.

I am only a little Queen in stature as Queen Victoria was, but in my case I am a also a beautifully marked Domestic Shorthair Tabby, royally GORGEOUS!  I will let you or the paparazzi take my photo, candid or posed, anytime and YOU will be my true subject of devotion for the rest of my life.

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Scraggles needs your help.  This girl is looking for a person of compassion to look after her the rest of her life.  She is  8 to 9 years old and on Azodyl which she must have 2X a day for the rest of her life.  Scraggles is a very sweet and gentle cat who just loves to snuggle up with someone.  She’d like a quiet and peaceful home. 

A long-haired Tortoiseshell, Scraggles was rescued from the outdoor life to which someone had abandoned her, but their cat will not accept Scraggles.  Can anyone help this dear girl by taking her in and giving her the med care and love she so needs? 

Courtesy Listing

I was named for the month I first showed up outside at a place of work, a stray girl begging for food, a sweet Domestic Shorthair.   There was one kind man so I followed him about meowing for FOOD!  He brought me things to eat from home.  Then it got to be November and COLD outside.  So he brought me home but I did not get along with their 3 cats at all! 

I was SO scared, because I had a rough time with other cats while I was a stray and was afraid of them too.  So I hissed at their cats.  I just wanted them to leave me alone.   So if you could make me an ONLY cat in your home, I am SO AFFECTIONATE & CUDDLY that I'll love you more than a DOZEN cats all put together!! 

I am spayed.  But the nice people feel sorry for me that, after 2 years with them, I am not truly relaxed around their cats. I am about 2 ½ now.   They feel I should be HAPPY above all else!

Can you adopt me?  I COULD change my name to JUNE! If you take me now!


A 6 1/2 year old  BEAGLE, Dudley is very sweet and loving, and is a real Mr Personality!  He is very clean in the house and loves to cover HIMSELF with his blanket to go to sleep!

He loves children, other dogs and seems to like men a lot.  He barks at cats, so not for a cat home, too upsetting to a cat!  Everyone loves him, and his foster thinks that in a 2 person adult home, life would be better for him.  He sleeps in his crate happily at night, doesn’t like it during the day, but will tolerate being in it then as well. 

He has developed  separation anxiety so will do better with a person at home during the day (a perfect dog) while the other works.  Dudley is neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, dewormed, no fleas. 

Dudley being a Beagle will follow his nose forever, so needs a secure Beagle-proof fenced yard—this is not a breed to just leave in the yard.  Instead, PLAY with him to give him exercise, then take him for a nice walk, that is all he needs.  Hounds LEFT in a yard will look for a way out in their boredom.  Who can blame them? 

Dudley is in the 30 pound range, slightly overweight still, but working on his physique with help from his foster.  A handsome tri-colour, Dudley SO wants a permanent home of his own, he was given up because of allergy. 

He has the dearest face—can you be his hero and give him the attention that he craves?


Would you like a cat who is there but not in your stuff, a nice sweet guy who is on the independent side capable of entertaining HIMSELF, or basking in a sunny window?  A handsome shiny boy who will come to you when I want to, rather than being a lovey-dovey, in-your-face type?  Aloof but not unfriendly?  Dignified but not fawning? Well I will fawn a bit!  But I like my space. 

That does not mean I am difficult, I just have a bit of reserve, but MAYBE with time, I will let you more into my personal  life.  I DO like playing batting at a pretend mouse or ball on a string and stick, we could have fun with that. 

I am strictly an indoor cat, because I was taken in as a young stray in cold weather, and boy, I NEVER want to go through THAT again.  I really appreciate being an indoor only cat.  I LOVE to explore in the house or apartment, I am so NOSY, I have to see every inch of my new home.

I am in foster care now and my foster mom says it is about time I was placed as I really deserve a home of my own.  But we black cats are not chosen as much as the pretty colored ones, maybe that is why we try harder to be LOYAL to our people.  We are so GRATEFUL to get a home where we are WANTED! 

I‘d LOVE a cat tree, a  tall scratching post or box, I am clean in the house and use my litterbox.  I have HUGE eyes, so it is hard to take my picture without them GLOWING, but I assure you they are eyes for you alone!  

I am a Domestic Shorthair and I am about 1 1/2 years old, and a nice just right size!  Also neutered, vaccinated, tested no FIV or FelV, all set to go.   Are you looking for a Strong, Silent guy in your life?  Look no further than ME, Timmy!


Checkers was fed as a stray kitten outside by Gerdy’s Aunt. Eventually, he was caught, neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and defleaed, so he could have a chance at life as an indoor cat. 

Checkers would do really well in an adult home where he could just be allowed to be himself, study his situation, and build trust—each has great potential, and just needs a chance! 

It would help if he was the only pet in the house, but Checkers does get along with other cats.  In his foster home, Checkers is learning that life inside is much better than in the streets! 

Checkers is just glad to be taken indoors out of the cold so just a bit of PATIENCE on your part will make all the difference!


My name is Shiloh and I’m a 5 year old tri-color neutered Beagle.  As you can see from my picture, I am quite a handsome looking boy.  I am strong, fast and have lots of energy.  I am not perfect though. Other dogs make me nervous. 

I currently live with another beagle and we get along pretty well but if I don’t know you,  I get scared and bark.  Sometimes small kids scare me too.  I am very loyal and have a lot of love to give. 

I would like to live with a family that doesn’t have young kids or another dog.  That way you can spend  quiet time with me and we can be best friends.  I would love it if you had a job for me.  I am very smart and learn quickly.  A big fenced yard would be great too. 

My  family has decided that I would be happier with someone who has the time and energy to help me reach my full potential.   I can be left alone for long periods of time and I never make a mess in the house. My shots are up to date.  Will YOU be my new best friend?