Do you have room in your heart and your home to let some love in? Because, if you do, you'll be repaid ten times over. With warmth, and affection. Put a smile on their faces. They'll put one on yours! Please note, we do not adopt to the United States.


Y a-t-il une petite place dans votre cœur et dans votre demeure pour y laisser entrer de l’amour? Si oui, vous serez récompensé(e) au centuple avec chaleur, fidélité et affection. Donnez-leur une raison de sourire à la vie!


A tricolor BEAGLE , this boy was born April 15, 2009—5 years old.  Schnitz was abandoned by his family, and is a dear boy.  He is vaccinated and is heartworm tested negative.

Schnitz travels VERY WELL in the car, he feels so secure travelling safely in a crate in the car that he goes to sleep in no time! A very good natured, confident dog! He needs some work on leash obedience training.

Also for a Beagle, a securely FENCED IN YARD is mandatory, as if loose they follow their nose for miles. Schnitz is a  great size for teens in the family. He is a smiling dog, very sociable, kind eyes. He is in good health and his age is young for a long lived breed.

He is not a big barker. A truly loving companion who deserves a home to call his own!


A Norwegian Elkhound, Nikita is a female of about 2 years and weighs 54 pounds. She is sterilized, vaccinated, tested negative for heartworm, vet
examined and dewormed. She was abandoned by her owner. A LOVELY personality, she wants to be where the family is, as that is a trait of the breed. She can get along with a cat with confidence, likes kids, suggest kids 8+. Easy going, she is a relaxed girl who LOVES walks. No apartment or condo, this breed needs a house. Brushing is essential. Nikita is a
BEAUTIFUL girl, loyal, and kind.

  Bowser - adoption pending  

What a DRAMATIC coloring and HANDSOME boy! Bowser seems to be a combo of Australian Shepherd and Irish Wolfhound, full grown at 52 pounds, a nice size, and a very sweet nature with a trusting face! Given up by his owner, Bowser was born Oct 24. 2013. He is neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, dewormed & vet checked. A nice boy, he is good with children we are told and we find is a happy dog. Nice energy level and a delight!


A strapping big boy, Toby is 91 pounds, a Mastiff/Lab Mix with a very sweet friendly nature, loves people. Born September 28, 2012. FULLY HOUSETRAINED and VERY GENTLE, he had to be given up by his owner because of the owner’s illness. A handsome brindle color, Toby loves affection and cuddling! Toby is neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested negative and vet checked. His expressive face will steal your heart!

  Rocky - adoption pending  

A miniature silver Schnauzer, Rocky is 20 pounds of joy! He was given up by his family and is very deserving of a loving home. Born October 25, 2009 Rocky is only 3 years old. He is sterilized, vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, vet checked and dewormed. All set to go to his new forever home. Rocky is sweet and cuddly, playful, and gets along with other friendly little dogs. He LOVES his walks, and to be cuddled! He is VERY smart and observant, and loves to be with his people having fun!


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ONLY contact Rita directly at 514 649 7740

I am a black and white adorable male, neutered cat, 1-1 1/2 years old. I had all of my shots and a clean bill of health. I was abandoned recently and suffered a great deal. When you first see me I am a little afraid but within a short space of time I will allow you to stroke me if you are gentle. I am looking for a loving couple that will give me the nurturing and love that I have not had in a long time. I sleep in my bed or yours and love to play.
You will adore me at first sight, and all I look for is a couple or a family to be a part of again. I need a family to love! An affectionate human hand to make me belong once more. I will never let you down!

  Maggie - adoption pending  

Courtesy Listing

If you are her saviour contact: annexechien@spca.com

Maggie, 30 lb, 7 year old Westie/Terrier cross was abandoned by her owners and found in terrible condition. We are not sure exactly what she experienced but her matted hair, infected ears and fear of people are telltale signs of neglect and abuse. Although she is a sweet girl who loves to be petted and will certainly bond with her owner over time, her previous circumstances have left her uncertain around people. So far, because she seems withdrawn and often retreats to her place, no one has been interested in her. Maggie really wants a second chance with another family, this time a loving one!

Maggie will be great fit with a family or person who is dog experienced. She can live with cats and could do well in home with a calm, confident dog as a companion, and with dog-savvy kids 12+.




MEET MR. HANDSOME! This 6 year old German Shepherd is quite the looker. Found wandering around the Plateau, he was brought to the SPCA and never claimed.  Gerdy’s has taken him under our wing.  He loves to play fetch and soccer, loves his walks and needs a lot of exercise. He is a lover boy, who adores his cuddles. Having been abandoned he does suffer from separation anxiety and would be happiest if his person/people spent a lot of time at home. A house with a fenced-in yard would be ideal. Kids 12+. No cats or small pets. Rudy is neutered & vaccinated.



I am a VERY sweet girl. Born May 25 2008. 6 1/2 years old. I have a WONDERFULLY gentle nature, very loving.  My owner passed away, sadly, and I am all alone in the world.  I am spayed, vaccinated etc.  The perfect cat for someone who is nurturing and loving.

  Tout Le Monde (Ralph)  


Cared for lovingly by our friend Betty who passed away recently, and nicknamed Ralph by her, he was a stray found wandering in sad shape, We assume his owners moved away and threw him onto the street. He is a cat with beautiful long hair. He is right now very shy, and would do best in a quiet home with no other pets, where he could just be left to himself to explore and get used to new digs and establish a trust. It is important to let him be himself and adapt on his own.  His ideal people would be people who are loving and patient and understand scairdy cats.  He is neutered and vaccinated.  Are YOU his Earth Angel?



A Golden Retriever and Lab mix, I was born on February 14, 2010 a Valentine's pup!  I do need leash training because I was never walked on leash.  I was given up as my owner was going back to China.  I am a sterilized male, vaccinated, heartworm tested etc.  In great shape I am jolly but need etiquette training as that was sadly neglected. Can you be my loving teacher?



A Black Lab mix, this handsome male was born January 20, 2014.  64 pounds. A GOOD FAMILY DOG! Neutered, vaccinated, etc.  This cheerful sleek boy is good to go to his new forever home.


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Please contact: annexechien@spca.com

Named for the white terrier in the comic strip "Asterix and Obelix", Idéfix's character matches his name. Idéfix translates as "fixed idea"and our little a guy knows what he wants.

This 3 year old terrier mix is a small packages with a very big character, yet sometimes lacks confidence. When given a little reassurance and a little time he will follow you to the end of the earth.

A great snuggler, he would be happy equally on your lap or by your side on an adventure. He barks at comings and goings so he would do better in a house. He is good with most small dogs, and sometimes afraid of the big ones. Cats are not his thing. Kids 16+.

  Charlie - adoption pending  

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Please contact: annexechien@spca.com

This very happy 4 year old Beagle is typical of his breed-curious, intelligent, active. He is a very loving and affectionate boy. Beagles can be vocal when excited, so not for an apartment or condo. And they need a securely fenced back yard as they follow their nose if loose and can be miles away in no time, exploring. But they are great pets, full of love for their family. If you love this breed then Charlie Brown is a great representative. Kids 12+, good with cats and most dogs.


  Lady & Max (bonded pair)  



LADY and MAX, a bonded pair, must be placed TOGETHER please! Owner will bring to show to right family CALL Shawn 514 979 2060
LADY (upper photo), 11 years old, BLACK LAB (mother) and son MAX (lower photo), 9 years old, BLACK LAB/German Shepherd
Both dogs are healthy. They get along with other dogs, even strange dogs after being introduced and getting over the excitement of meeting new dogs/people.  Vaccines up to date & current. They are both STERILIZED. No food or possession guarding. FAMILY DOGS! Ok with kids. Respond to "Sit, Here, Down, Fetch ball!"   Friendly dogs looking for a new home!

  Merlin and Shelby - adoption pending  

MERLIN & SHELBY, a bonded pair, MUST go together! These are FABULOUS dogs, a JOY to be with, HOUSETRAINED, GREAT behaviour, GREAT around other dogs, likely would accept a cat. At the recent Beaconsfield Pet Fair we observed they were calm throughout, greeting people nicely, were fine with all sizes of other dogs and all people they met, the most DARLING pair of dogs EVER! Perfectly well behaved. KINDNESS personified, not a mean bone in the pair. Gerdy’s saved them from being GASSED at a pound because no one wanted to take the pair of them after the owner abandoned them at the pound! We cannot rave enough about these 2 dogs!
MERLIN - father of SHELBY (upper photo)
I am a 7 year old black & grey Australian Shepherd X, in good health, nice energy. I know COMMANDS, people friendly of all ages, calm with other dogs, quiet & calm disposition, polite on leash and I hardly bark! Neutered and vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, I am a prince of a dog! We love to play together!
SHELBY - daughter of MERLIN (lower photo)
I am a princess of an Australian Shepherd X as well, though more tan coloured. I am 6 years old. I am currently very fat because I have got no exercise and am a glutton for food! I too know COMMANDS, am people and dog friendly, calm around other dogs, respectful of people, polite on leash and like my daddy, I hardly ever bark. I am spayed, vaccinated and heartworm negative.  Me & my daddy are so alike, we want to be adopted together and you will never regret taking us both! 

  Pulix - adoption pending  

This gorgeous Blond Golden Retriever of 8 years of age, born August 13, 2006, is a neutered male who was abandoned in St Lazare by his owner and made his way into Gerdy’s Rescues. He is now vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, dewormed, & vet checked. Pulix is a nice typical Golden in nature, and looks for a home where he will be loved and treasured for all his life.


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Contact:438-994-9446 orthomas.leesa@gmail.com

Well here I am, the MOST LOVING CAT in the world,  my trunk all packed, ready to go to my new home with you!  I am a WONDERFUL boy, 3 years of age, neutered and vaccinated.  Can you BELIEVE I was a stray, I am INCREDIBLY FRIENDLY and extremely cute being your typical domestic shorthair Tabby.  I just want to be loved all the time!  Just to get your attention I will do something cute and appealing so you simply HAVE to fuss over me—so if you are looking for a cat for a single or in a relationship, or trustworthy around children, I’m your man!



Meet Jack, a 2 year old male ShihTzu/Terrier Mix. He is being sterilized under Gerdy's Rescues, is vaccinated, heartworm tested negative. HOUSETRAINED, he is good around adults and strangers. He is good around children, but gets anxious and excited, we are told. His family moved, and he was placed with Gerdy to find a new loving home.


Hi there folks! A little Maturity here but I'm your man if you want a good pal to enjoy life with. I am pretty versatile, active or at ease watching The Game together. Or a chick flick - as long as I can be near my people! I am good in the car too, love walkies. I am a real nice dog. Now, at 7 years of age there is some snow on the roof but fire in the furnace, I am active and interested in life, in good shape.  Heartworm tested negative, neutered, vaccinated, dewormed. They say I am very deserving of a new home with YOU!


A gorgeous rust colored Golden Retriever, I am 8 years old, born July 23, 2006 and was recently abandoned by my owner. I am 58 pounds of love! A neutered male. The vet said I have a slight case of Lyme Disease, but will recover on my own with no antibiotics necessary! I have no heartworm and I am fully vaccinated. I have good years left and want to spend them with you in OUR home.


This sweet natured Doberman girl is 7 months old and 49 pounds. Spayed and vaccinated, Zoe has a lot of charm, gets along with other dogs. 

Zoe is a playful girl and very trusting.  Her ears and tail are cropped, but poor Zoe!  One ear will flop down and her tail was left too long, but SHE is just perfect!

Zoe is a very special girl!


Checkers, now about 3 years old, was fed as a stray kitten outside by Gerdy’s Aunt. Eventually, he was caught, neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and defleaed, so he could have a chance at life as an indoor cat. 

Checkers would do really well in an adult home where he could just be allowed to be himself, study his situation, and build trust—each has great potential, and just needs a chance! 

It would help if he was the only pet in the house, but Checkers does get along with other cats.  In his foster home, Checkers is learning that life inside is much better than in the streets! 

Checkers is just glad to be taken indoors out of the cold so just a bit of PATIENCE on your part will make all the difference!


That's what Gerdy's named me.  Someone dumped me on the south shore, and I was seen wandering for at least 2 week outdoors.  A kind woman tried to help me, but I was too wary to go to her and frightened. Finally I was at a pound, I was skinny and weak from this ordeal outdoors, I would have been euthanized as I was not in good shape at all when Gerdy called them, but I was released to the care of Gerdy's.  

The vet thinks I am 5-6 years old. I have a very bad ear infection being treated at present as well as a skin problem also being treated BUT I am otherwise in good health.  I will be neutered as soon as Gerdy can get it done when I am ready, also my vaccines.

I am heartworm tested negative.  I am on the small size for a GSD, they think I might have been a runt, but who knows?  I am 70 pounds and underweight. But I am SO good natured even though I don't understand what happened to me.  

I am now with people I trust and my broken heart is healing nicely. I am MUCH better looking than when I was helplessly wandering, getting good food and the best of care.  Thank you Gerdy donors. This is where your donations are going, right where NEEDED the most!


This little Terrier Mix girl is 12 pounds, spayed and vaccinated. Bought in a pet shop, she was kept in a cage in an unfinished basement, alone. She was let out once in the morning and once at night, and only on the deck where sometimes she was forgotten outside in freezing weather. No walks. Then she was given up to Gerdy’s Rescues.

Nicky is a busy little bee! Very affectionate, needs a good chew toy to work on, she LOVES to chew! Needs exercise to help her sleep a full night. Barks if someone is at the door but not in excess, curious but respectful.

Given a chance, Nicky will use a chair to get up on the kitchen table to see what’s cooking! She understands what no means and listens. She LOVES to be close to her human, and to cuddle being held in their arms. We suggest she be the only pet as she missed out on so much as a puppy. Nicky still needs guidance on obedience training and is pee pad trained but will go outside.

She does not like to be crated because of her past unpleasant experience. Maybe she can be crate trained with kindness, leaving the door open during the day. Nicky is a young dog and in good general health. She is trimmed for summer but normally has longer and wavy hair. A very bright little girl, Nicky is IDEAL for AGILITY training and would enjoy the activity so much!


Rescued from a pound in North Carolina and driven up here by a friend of the rescuer,  5 year old DeeDee has had a sad time of it.

The person tired of her after a few days,and gave her to a friend, who dumped her at the SPCA and she was then brought to the SPCA Annexe where she was taken over & treated by Gerdy’s.  She is now in foster care.
This mini poodle is beyond adorable, even with one wonky eye, that is naturally covered by a tuft of curls.

Deedee is 5 years old, friendly, affectionate and prances when she walks. Her foster mom says she is a complete pleasure and a great companion.
Her health has been delicate and she has been suffering from an untreated liver infection that Gerdys has  had treated.   Her sight is not good. 
A compassionate, loving person who is home alot (or wants to take her with them to work or shopping) would be a great match.  This is a little dog who needs a real Earth Angel!


No, unfortunately I am not a Scottish Fold cat.  I am a Winter Frozen Cat, I almost died then but was headed to certain death as I was found as a stray and taken to a gassing pound.  Lucky for me there were people trying to save animals going down, and got word of me to Gerdy, who took me into her rescue.
My ears were badly frozen & I lost the ends so I might look strange, but as a true Survivor, I am kinda proud of my badge of survival!  You can tell my story to educate people not to toss an animal into the elements to die a painful death.  Now, I was once a cat with a home, but I guess they put me out one day and shut the door behind me and pretended they weren’t home to hear my desperate yowls to get back inside to the warmth. 
To make things worse for me, I am about 7 years old.   I am VERY LOVING but I am uncomfortable around other cats, they think I was chased  when I was a stray, by other cats, so they scare me.  But I love people, getting cuddled.  No kids please or other pets, Gerdy feels I need to be fussed over to make up for all that has happened to me. 

Is there someone retired or anyone wanting to give me a peaceful and calm life?  I am healthy, vaccinated and spayed. A  female Domestic Shorthair, I am a black bearded lady with white.  PLEASE help me get my FOREVER home, a warm spot in the sun would be luxury to me!


TAZ is a PEKINESE with a puppy cut!  Some do that to keep the hair look less shedding but we must admit it does look cute!   Taz is 6 years old, a neutered and vaccinated male who was abandoned by his owner.  TAZ gets along with other dogs and is very sociable, but ideally would like a home of his own this time around as he LOVES attention and a nice cuddle!

A very pleasant boy, he LOVES his walks.  Pee pad trained we were told.  He does not have breathing problems, had his nose vet checked!  Currently in a foster home and is well liked!


This sweet and adorable pure Basset boy is under a year and a half old and  was a impulse buy in a pet store. Then they realized that training a puppy was a LOT bigger job than they realized, so dumped him.

Benjamin is a tri-color Basset, housetrained. He was neutered and vaccinated. A BASSET FAMILIAR FAMILY with PATIENCE will be sought for this exceptional boy, not often we get a young Basset and he is a real sweetie! Someone who is HOME daily as well as he can’t be left alone for a whole working day in a crate or loose.

He is very smart, and loves other dogs, likely would learn to not mess with a cat! BUT it is best he is the ONLY pet in the house, as Benjamin has had surgery on a front leg that was not formed properly, and he is not encouraged to jump! However he can walk well and should be to keep his muscles fit in the surgery area. No hard running, just a nice walking pace for you and Benjamin.

He is a normal Basset in every other way, LOVES to sleep in his crate when you are not home, and loves then to have a KONG packed with kibble to keep him busy! Benjamin loves food like all hounds so needs to be watched in the kitchen!

A natural clown, Benjamin can also settle down for a snuggle and watch tv with you! He has a LOT of spots and is really handsome, and a charmer! 


Well folks, I need help in getting my weight down!  I am WAY overweight, I tip the scales at 95 pounds, likely a good 30 pounds overweight, I am obese. 

I am a Black Lab Mix, with shorter legs, and was born March 2, 2007, 7 years old.  I am a neutered male, with all my vaccines, heartworm tested negative. 

My owner was unable to care for me anymore.  I need good care to get the weight off  but am healthy.  Not great with other dogs, I like people tho! 

I am very lonely, just wanting to be loved and paid attention to, never to be the chubby boy on the beach again.

  Calico and Blackie  

Courtesy Listing

These 2 kittens are 5 months old and LOVE to play together, so much so it would be a shame to split them up!

They are going to be sterilized April 19, 2014.  Calico is a girl, Blackie is a boy and they're brother and sister. 

They are both  longhaired domestic kittens.   Vaccinated.  Affectionate & adorable, well socialized, and nicely playful.


Courtesy Listing

Stella, his female sibling, is booked to be sterilized in January. She is a little more shy but is a sweetheart and comes to play. Stella is feminine and dainty! A little doll!  Both are domestic shorthair tabby & white.


Courtesy Listing

For more information, call (514) 846-0226 ONLY.

Maya is a long-haired tabby who was rescued from the streets as a young cat. She has lived with the same owner for four years, and now, sadly, must be given up since her owner is moving into a seniors' residence.

Maya is sterilized, and all her shots are up to date. She is affectionate and companionable, but a little nervous around children and other animals. She is about six years old, and would do best in a quiet, stable household.

She loves to be petted and brushed, and is very vocal! Can you find a place in your heart and home for Maya?

  Tepe & Cami  

TEPETONGO (Tepe)  and CAMILA (Cami)     BONDED PAIR, to be placed TOGETHER
These dogs are devoted to each other, if we can possibly place them together, it would make them SO HAPPY and us too!  Both dogs were brought from Mexico where the family lived, they adored their dogs.  But as circumstances changed, they could no longer keep the dogs in their next move. 

These dogs LOVE each other so much, very well behaved, and very good dogs.  Know basic commands such as sit, stay, and they don’t start to eat until you give permission, as was taught by their owner.  Both dogs good in the car.
The male, Tepe, is 4 years old, very friendly with people especially children.  He is a Chocolate Flat Coat Retriever, very handsome.  He loves the snow in winter where he loves to romp around. 

A very intelligent boy, he has lots of energy but at the same time he is calm.  A total gentleman with all female dogs, he is devoted to his Camila.  He is neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested negative and dewormed.
CAMILA (“Cami”)
This sweet Yellow Lab female is about 5-6 years old, gentle and a little bit nervous of adults she doesn’t know, but fine with kids.  But once she knows you, all is cool with her and she is happy. She likes to stay with you by your side, she loves company. 

She depends on her Tepe, who is always there for her.  Spayed, vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, and dewormed.  Camila is a beautiful girl with expressive eyes. 

  Roscoe - Adoption pending  

Look at those ears!  Roscoe is going to be a bigger dog when he grows up.  Currently in foster care, Roscoe is a German Shepherd Mix and 6 months old now. 

He had been abandoned at DMV at 3 months needing surgery for a leg problem now fixed and he is doing great.  Active, social, and very playful, Roscoe is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and all set to go to his new forever home!