Do you have room in your heart and your home to let some love in? Because, if you do, you'll be repaid ten times over. With warmth, and affection. Put a smile on their faces. They'll put one on yours! Please note, we do not adopt to the United States.


Y a-t-il une petite place dans votre cœur et dans votre demeure pour y laisser entrer de l’amour? Si oui, vous serez récompensé(e) au centuple avec chaleur, fidélité et affection. Donnez-leur une raison de sourire à la vie!



Dear Maggie was born May 15, 2009 and is 7 years old.  Maggie is a black Cocker Spaniel girl who was surrendered by her owner.

She is a happy girl, spayed, vaccinated, heartworm tested negative and vet examined good to go! 

Meeting Maggie with her happy smile is a real treat!



This handsome and very friendly male is a Shepherd Mix of 76 pounds, born April 20, 2013, 3 years old.  A very good dog, kids age 12+ as he is a big boy.
We want a fenced-in yard for Dallas to play with you or explore on his bathroom break. 

Dallas is a VERY nice boy, kind, travels well in the car and loves being petted.  He has the sweetest face  and wears his heart in his beautiful eyes.  Dallas is neutered, vaccinated and ready to go to his new forever home!




Yuka, a 13 year old Bichon Maltais is being given up because her owner has to be travelling regularly and does not want to board her for long periods of time.

She's a timid girl who prefers to be in familiar surroundings with people she knows and loves them to hang out with her in parks or to walk and explore.

Yuka doesn’t do well with change so the transition to a new family will require a lot of love and patience from her new humans. She has always lived with cats and is neutral with dogs as long as they aren’t taking away from her human cuddling time.

She doesn’t require a lot of exercise but would love to wander in her own backyard away from traffic and steet noise. This 12 lb senior darling still looks like a pup.

Do you have room for one more? Kids 14 plus.




Ozzy's world is full of energy, kisses and cuteness. He is a medium to big boy, about 55 lbs. who needs to run off his energy in a yard, jogging or in a dog park.

He has lived with children but is strong and would be best with adult children 15 plus who can handle him. He is young, just over one year old, and will need experienced people who will work with him to live up to his great potential!

Ozzy is a mix of a Chocolate Lab and something else :)



A PERFECT POM!!!  Miko is an adorable, loveable 6 year old, 6 lb Pomeranian. He is smart, curious, active, social and ready for his new family.

He can live with dogs and cats and kids (10 plus). Love Poms? Then this is your guy.




This 10 1/2 year old Corgi mix was abandoned by his family who he spent over 10 years with. The shock of losing his home and family and ending up in a pound, was all too much for him. He spent the first few days sniffing every parked car and looking for them on his walks.

Rico is mistrustful at first with strangers but slowly warms up with a little patience and yummy treats.Given his age and his stress in new situations Rico needs an experienced adult home, with another dog who is confident or as an only dog child.  

Rico knows several commands, even roll over, and is happy to perform them for a cookie. He so loves his walks and is still full of energy. He also loves car rides and is still eager for new adventures. No kids. No apartments or condos. A fenced in yard would be wonderful.




Sunny has fallen through the cracks and still has not found his forever home. Crazy, a gorgeous puppy like him.

Seeing Sunny puts a smile on your face! This purebred, 23 lb.male Lhasa Apso pup was tossed around to a few homes, finally surrendered to a local pound and Gerdy took him into our care.

Basically a nice-natured, sweet boy who fell into the wrong hands. He is currently living in one of our foster homes, with 3 other small dogs and has shown only to be a smart boy who is a fast learner.

He does well in a structured environment and requires a fairly experienced owner who is used to handling small breeds and who would be willing to attend puppy classes with him. Sunny adores playing with other dogs and would do best in a home with a canine friend.

He requires moderate levels of exercise, loves to run around a backyard, enjoys rides in the car. We groomed him and he tolerates it, but so far this has not been his fave activity. In the right home, with love and patience Sunny will become a bright star.

He is vaccinated, sterilized, heartworm tested and house trained. Kids 14 plus. Revised 17 Aug 2016.




It was lucky that a neighbour of Mark’s owner realized that he wasn’t being properly cared for and finally convinced his owner to surrender him to us.

Despite extreme neglect, Mark came to us as the happiest sweetest dog. A mini poodle, approximate 6 years old Mark is a happy-go-lucky joy to be around. He gets along well with other dogs, is friendly, smart and affectionate.

Loves his walks. Recently neutered, up to date on vaccines.
Kids 10 plus. Posted 1 Aug 2016.



I am a handsome 9 year old Golden Retriever, neutered and up to date with my vaccines. I have always lived outside because my owner's husband and child are allergic to me.

I have never been aggressive or
shown malice in my behaviour, I have the typical wonderful nature of my breed. I love to bark a welcome when I see a person or animal passing by. Revised 1 Aug 2016.




Beautiful and sweet MAYA is 13 1/2years old and 42 pounds. Her owner passed away and she needs a new forever home! She still has a lot of love to give.

She appears to be a Border Collie Mix , spayed, vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, a very sweet girl looking for a peaceful retirement home. Because of her age NO other dogs or cats in the home, NO small children—she is a senior in great shape but is retired now wanting peace & quiet.

Poor Maya lived her entire life with badly infected ears that were never treated and gradually her frequent ear shaking resulted in her ears curling up on the ends permanently. Gerdy had her ears treated but the curly effect will always be there now.

She has time left and would LOVE a new home! Is your heart big enough for Maya? Revised 1 Aug 2016.




Jade is a 5 year old, 100 lb.German Shepherd/Rottie mix. Her owner was evicted from her apartment had nowhere to live with a large dog. Jade is a gentle giant who will do well in home with experienced dog people who can give her the love and attention that she is used to getting.

She is big couch potato who should lose a few pounds, but no doubt with regular walks and watchful feeding she will be a knockout. A fenced-in yard would be a bonus for Jade. Kids 12 plus. Posted 23 July 2016.

  Cathy & Jack  

Cathy & Jack

Littermates, playmates, and soulmates!

This duo was surrendered by an owner who is dying and who was promised that they would be adopted together.

Both 5 years old Cathy is a shihtzu/ poodle mix and Jack a shihtzu yorkie mix (one mom, 2 dads?) Cathy is a tiny 5 lb., sweet, delicate girl and Jack is sturdy, confident and curious and weighs 12 lbs. They have a wonderful synergy and are easy to care for.

They are both active and cuddly and love everything.
Kids 10+ Vaccinated, sterilized, microchipped and heartworm tested. Posted 23 June 2016.



Heidi is a Malamute / Husky mix. Born May 15, 2009 (7 years old), she is beautiful inside and out. Although Heidi is sweet and good-natured, she is a bit scared since her rescue and would do best in a secure and loving home with no other pets, and preferably older kids (16 plus), if any.

A fenced in yard for Heidi to roam in would be a plus. She is sterilized, vaccinated, and is an all around wonderful dog. Heidi is a real looker, and her new family someone will be getting a great and loyal new friend! Revised 22 June 2016.



The sweetest natured boy, he is 7 years old born January 19, 2009. 71 lbs of sheer love and affection, this sweetheart is a Labrador Retriever Mix and loves to cuddle.

We are looking for an older couple with no young kids as he is a big boy. Mojo is very deserving of a secure & loving new home, and is a joy. Revised 11 July 2016.




Mandy is an adorable mix of miniature Schnauzer and Yorkie. She is 7+ years old, sweet and affectionate. Weighing in at only 10 lbs, Mandy is no pushover. She loves to hang out with other dogs but can be a bit bossy if things don’t go her way.

She loves her walks, roaming in a fenced-in garden, fetching her toys. She loves the one she's with and will follow you everywhere. Mandy is not a fan of being confined or left alone for too many hours, so a dog experienced family with flexible hours, and another small dog would be ideal. No apartments or condos and kids 10 plus. Revised 23 June 2016.



I am a senior female 10 year old Golden Retriever, spayed and vaccinated. I suffered a shock in my life when my elderly human passed away in the house
with me. I was in terrible shape when finally the police arrived MUCH later and took him away. I thought I would be safe but no one gave ME a second look.

The police just tied me up outside in the yard in the country, no one was called to help ME! And no one saw the huge painful abcess on my side or the condition I was in physically because my human had not been able to care for me properly, perhaps for weeks previously. I remained tied up outside with no care in the yard for a few days before someone noticed me tied up there on a tether.

I had no food, shelter or water when K911 rescued me and brought me to Gerdy. Gerdy took me over, I was not a well girl. It took a LONG time for my abcess to get better after surgery, because I kept opening it up even with a head cone. With one thing and another it has taken me a long time and even now I need a VERY SPECIAL new human in my life, someone with a magic healing touch of calmness inspiring trust. I choose my dog friends!

I have not had an easy life and much socialization, basically I have relied on MYSELF for emotional and physical survival all those sad years my person could or would not look after me properly. I will need NO other pets in my new home, NO kids. I am a rather an independent girl used to fending for myself, as always. I need help restructuring my life socially.

I have improved a lot under the care I am getting but need my own home. I need someone who will work patiently with me, leaving me to myself when I need a quiet time, and respecting I am a work in progress. I am rather opinionated. If I feel like being petted, you can, but right now I prefer to call my own shots as I always have done.

I am a SURVIVOR and it has left emotional scars to be opened up and healed with TRUST. If you are a confident and patient person, preferably single with NO children and NO other pets, and interested in helping me socially, and who has a good way with dogs getting back their confidence and allowing time to do the healing, please contact Gerdy.

I am spayed, vaccinated, heartworm negative. I was a
neglected dog through no fault of my own. But I still need LOVE and SECURITY like any pet. After all, dogs ARE sentient beings! Revised 25 Apr 2016.

  Little Steve  

Little Steve

This sweet boy is Great Dane/Lab mix at 135 pounds. When Gerdy took him on, he was dreadfully thin, after much testing it seems it is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. His treatment was changed and he has now gained the weight he should be and is doing well. He is on medication.

Little Steve is the DEAREST dog, he is relaxed and so loving, he waits to be petted, he enjoys attention so very much. He is a slightly older dog with some frost on his muzzle. Very devoted. Little Steve is a VERY SPECIAL NEEDS dog who knows he was helped and is so GRATEFUL.

If you are a nurturing individual and want to help a deserving dog, Little Steve is the boy for you! He CANNOT be neutered because of his medical condition, so there can be no other dog in the home. Untried with cats. No small children as he needs a retirement atmosphere. Revised 28 Apr 2016.

  Casso - Adoption Pending  


What a handsome boy CASSO is! He appears to be a mix of Black Shepherd and Labrador, he is VERY AFFECTIONATE, and weighs in at 60 pounds of thoroughly NICE dog!

Born July 20. 2013 (3 years old), he was abandoned by his owner and is looking for a loving person he can spend the rest of his life in the security that he so richly deserves.

Neutered and vaccinated and all set to go to his new HOME! Posted 1 Aug 2016.

  Molly - Adoption Pending  



This small, 8 lb Shitzu was brought to a local pound to be euthanized. The owner had said that she was having issues with her back legs, due possibly to a herniated disc. so Gerdys took her on.

After weeks of observation, lots of rest and an updated vet exam, this tiny girl is doing great, and has a clean bill of health. Molly’s foster home says that she is practically perfect.

She has learned to co-habitate with 2 cats, and stops to socialize with everyone she passes in the street. This little princess would do best as the only dog, unless there was a senior, less active, easy dog in the home. Kids 14 plus.

  Candy - Adoption Pending  



This 6 year old, 13 lb. Bichon mix will win your heart not only with her adorable looks, but with her magnetic personality.

She was found running loose and never claimed.
Happy, sweet, affectionate Candy will make a great pet for a family with children (8 plus). Candy loves to play and horse around so a space to run around, even a fenced yard, would be an asset.

She loves other dogs so a canine companion would also be great for her.

  Barbuche - Adoption Pending  



Meet Barbuche, 10-12 year old Bichon with a very laid-back, easy-going personality. He greets new dogs of any age or size with a quick sniff, and he likes watching his foster brothers (a dog and a cat) play without wanting to get involved in the game. He would much rather goof around alone, rolling around on his back while making adorable snorts.

He is learning to play with humans, but has not shown any interest yet in joining in with other animals. Barbu (nickname) was left tied up outside a school, and eventually made his way to Gerdy's. He asks to be brought onto the bed at night, but has no trouble jumping out on his own.

Barbuche seems to be paper trained, but has 24/7 access to the outside world which he finds much more appealing. He loves to eat kibble, but doesn't want to have anything to do with wet food (table scraps don't count as they are always interesting no matter what!).

He likes exploring new environments, tasting everything as he goes, but is quite content just staying close while waiting for the next walk. He behaves well on leash, but likes to go at a very slow pace. This little guy is fantastic company.

Barbu is vaccinated, sterilized, microchipped and weighs approx. 11 lbs.

  Brigitte - Adoption Pending  



This beautiful 12 lb., Bichon/Lhasa mix has been tossed around a bit in her short 1 1/2 years and suffers from abandonment issues.

She is lovely, easy, friendly, affectionate, great with kids (8 plus) but needs a presence in the home, definitely with another dog.

So if you are a family with flexible schedules, work from home and have another dog, and are ready for a long-term commitment, you will be blessed with the best companion ever!

No condos or apartments.

  Kao - Adoption Pending  


KAO IS YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL. Sleek like a racehorse with a beautiful black coat this 1 year old lab was found running along the road in the country and was brought to a local pound. He is neutered, vaccinated and weighs 55 lbs.

Timid at first Kao warms up easily when a handful of treats is offered. Kao needs an active family experienced with large breed dogs. A fenced-in yard where he can romp is a must. Kao is elegant, graceful and in dire need of love.

In the right hands with structure and training this smart boy will become a wonderful companion. Kids 14 plus.

  Atticus - Adoption Pending  



I am a handsome boy. 3.5 years old German Shepherd/Malamute/Lab mix. I am a tall chap but only weigh about 60 lbs, I really don’t take up much room. I am neutered, vaccines up to date.

I am GENTLE (a bit timid & nervous) and am well trained. I know Come, Sit, Give paw. And Lie Down. I CRAVE exercise even though I am a calm dog, but if I am exercised properly I can be left alone in the house for a reasonable time. I will bark to warn you if someone comes to the door but I will stop when you tell me to, I just want you to be aware we have a visitor.

I generally get along well with other dogs (big, small, old, or young) but sometimes I meet a dog I don’t feel good about then I won’t get along with him or her—I choose my friends. I am NOT good with cats and not great with children (some kids are ok but I am generally afraid of kids. I am good with people once I get to know them, but wary of strangers. And I am very food oriented so you cannot leave me alone with food I can get into and help myself!

My person is heartbroken to give me up, but has taken a job in a foreign country where it is in my best interest not to be but to stay here. I am VERY handsome. I am looking to be a part of your life. We can exercise together, be pals together relaxing, I am looking for someone who will be a true pal, I can depend on you and you can depend on me, a real relationship of love and trust.

  Lenny - Adoption Pending  


This sweet male American Foxhound is good with kids. Abandoned by owner, Lenny is a treasure, very loving with everybody! He weighs 59 pounds.

Sterilized and vaccinated. Lenny looks forward to a forever home! Posted 1 Aug 2016.

  Yumi - Adoption Pending  


Yumi is a yummy 6 year old Beagle. She LOVES CHILDREN and is so happy to have them as playmates. Yumi is overweight at 38 pounds (she has gone without proper exercise for too long) so, human housemate(s) young and old who love to exercise and eat healthy would be perfect.

She is a delightful girl whose owner gave her up because she is moving into a small apartment. Yumi has a very pretty face, beautiful Beagle markings and expressive eyes. She is curious and independent,---a bit hard -headed.

A Beagle-familiar house is sought for Yumi and adopter must be willing to walk her safely on leash for regular exercise, or have her chase a ball or frisbee in a securely fenced yard as Beagles follow their nose if they get loose. She is spayed, vaccinated and heart worm tested negative. Revised 5 May 2016.

  Goliath - Adoption Pending  


We are looking for a true Beagle lover for this dear boy! Goliath is 8 years old, was with the same family since he was 8 weeks old and was recently traded in for a newborn baby.

He's a sweet and very affectionate boy who would love attention and allthough he doesn’t mind other dogs outside on a walk he would prefer to be your one and only. Goliath adores children and loves to be petted and to snuggle with them.

Being a Beagle, Goliath is not suited for an apartment but would flourish in a house with a securely fenced-in yard. He has a moderate energy level and gets excited around people—he actually “talks” to them with conviction!

Goliath adores CAR RIDES and leash WALKS! He is an extremely handsome representative of his breed, and a happy, gentleman-dog. Revised 10 Apr 2016.

  Zoe - Adoption Pending  



This 1 1/2 year old Jack Russell is a super smart, energetic girl who would be great for someone interested in bonding through further obedience training, agility, etc.

As expected, she is very energetic, loves to play fetch and is excellent on her long leash walks. Zoe would do best in a home with a fenced-in area to run around in or catch a frisbee, etc.

Zoe loves people, is affectionate and will come for cuddles. Zoe is used to being THE center of attention in her former home so she is selective as to which type of dog she can co-habitate with.

She is housetrained, sterilized and up to date on vaccines. Zoe would be great for kids 10 plus. Not cat tested. Revised 14 June 2016.

  Happy - Adoption Pending  


Living up to his name, Happy is full of love and joy of life. A Doberman mixed with Lab, Happy is about a year old male and he is eager to find a new family.

His owner loved him but he had to move at short notice to another apartment, so had no choice but to give Happy up.

Happy will be getting neutered shortly under Gerdy’s Rescues before he can leave us and is vaccinated. Happy is all ears to hear from you! He is VERY smart and eager to please! Revised 12 June 2016.

** Courtesy Listings - Please be sure to contact only the person listed. Thank You **

Courtesy Listing

If interested, please call 514-804-2214

This dog is super cute, loving, super friendly with humans and other dogs, and has a lot of love to give.All he needs is to play and run, he likes to be patted and loves attention & would cuddle on the sofa with u, this dog will change your life!

I am looking for a good person who really likes dogs and who also has the time for him. My dog is a husky mix,1 year and 4 month old, neutered, well trained, and has a microchip.

I am looking for someone who doesn't have cats. He is super cute, has a great personality and a unique character. The reason I am rehoming him is allergy and I travel a lot. Thank you. Posted 1 Aug 2016.


Courtesy Listing

Please contact Lee at


Spirit is a 9 year old GSD, who is very good with people, and has been in the same home since he was a puppy. Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of the control of Spirit's family, he needs to be rehomed.

He is in good health, and has great ball drive and is very affectionate according to his family. His one fault is that he is dog aggressive, and has prey drive, so Spirit would need a home with no other animals.

His case is urgent, so if anyone can help that is GSD experienced and is able to manage a dog with prey drive/dog aggression, please message me privately for the contact information for Spirit's family.

Thanks so much! Posted 7 May 2016.


Courtesy Listing

Please send an email to or call Bonnie at (514) 887-3115 if you’d like to meet me!


They call me a gentle giant, because of my size and my truly loving nature. My siblings and I were rescued from a situation that did not allow us any contact with the outside world.

So when we came to the shelter (almost three years ago!) we were so scared of everyone we met. Because I am such a big fellow, and I have a very loud bark, people tend to be scared of me. I am sad about this – cause I am so loving when I get to know you!

My caregivers and the volunteers who visit me think I am wonderful. That makes me very happy and I usually give them a big, fat kiss for that. I am about seven years old, and a mix of shepherd and husky.

The family I need will have to be very calm and live in a peaceful environment. Loud noise  scares me a lot and I am not used to cars or the noise of city streets. I cannot live in a home with cats or small dogs, and because of my size and timid nature,

I should not live with children under twelve years old. I know that I’m asking a lot, but surely there is someone out there for me to spend quiet days with. Posted 27 Apr 2016.

**Courtesy Listings - Please be sure to contact only the person listed. Thank You **


Meet Karusso, a handsome Siberian breed boy 1 ½ years old. A stunningly beautiful cat with an equally great character! He was given up only because his owner is facing medical problems, he was loved. He has always been an INDOOR cat and MUST remain so.

He does not get along with other cats but LOVES dogs! He has HAIR not fur and loves to be combed and petted. He is very docile and will keep up his side of the conversation if you are in a chatty mood!

He has been vaccinated and will shortly be neutered under Gerdy’s Rescues. Posted 1 Aug 2016.



Theo is a handsome black male Domestic Longhair cat. He was born July 11. 2013, 3 years old. Theo weighs 10 pounds, and is a nice boy who is looking for a forever home of his own. Posted 24 July 2016




Dear Loulou is 10 years old, a sterilized female, who is calm and very sweet. She was abandoned by her owner and is a friendly and nice cat looking for a home where she can retire.

She is appreciative with lots of love to give. A gentle and shy little girl, she just needs time to adjust to new people but then she will jump up beside you or into your lap,-- she likes to decide when it is cuddle time!

Untried with dogs, but in her old home was picked on by another cat, so Loulou would like being the only cat in the household for a change. She used to enjoy being brushed when she felt like it.

Are YOU the family Loulou can depend on now?

Rev. 23 July.



Meet Ola, the most handsome, affectionate, gentle and quiet Siamese Flame Pointthe world has ever seen. Due to absolutely no fault of his own (but rather, due to human health-related circumstances), his current owner needs to find a loving family that will welcome Ola into their home -forever!

Ola is about 6 years young, current on all vaccines, microchipped, sterilized and (unfortunately) fully declawed. He was adopted from the shelter, so not much is known about his previous life. Once adopted, his current owner made sure that he had the best care possible, as minor health problems were taken care of (dental cleaning, teeth removal, special diet to regain weight, blood & urine tests, etc).

Unfortunately it was then discovered that Ola suffers from early kidney failure (stage 1 or 2, at the most) - but it is entirely manageable through diet (aka canned food) and proper hydration, no medication required. According to his vet, with proper care, he has several quality years ahead of him; this cuddlebug still plays like a (slightly cautious) kitten!!

Ola has an amazing personality. He is a quiet, slightly shy cat (so he can get anxious in new situations), very sweet natured. Once he warms up to you, he will follow you around, jump on your lap and cuddle for hours on end - but on his terms. He loves to put his head in your neck and give you kisses. He will sleep on your bed, or in your arms if you will let him.

He has never shown any signs of aggressiveness and rarely meows (unless he wants to be fed when his bowl is empty). He has been trained not to jump on tables, counters, you name it, and has never broken anything in the house. He has zero litterbox issues. He is a fantastic cat and his owner (while completely heartbroken that she has to rehome him) hopes to find a kind and responsible family for this stunner.

In short, Ola is one heck of a special cat, and it would be better if he were adopted by someone who is home most of the time. He needs a human presence and is at his happiest sitting on your lap, purring life away. Perhaps someone who is retired, who works from home or who works regular 9-5 hours or a family with respectful children who will not play rough with the cat; he is after all quite gentle.

Revised 1 Aug 2016

  Sparkle & Storm  

Sparkle & Storm

SPARKLE (that’s me on the left!)

I am a female kitten about 6 months old. I like exploring, climbing and roast chicken! I will do anything for roast chicken! I do not like being outside or unexpected loud noises.

I LOVE other cats and it would be great to have an older brother or sister cat to keep me company. If I wasn’t a cat, I’d be...a mountain climber! I LOVE scaling everything! I have lived with a small dog and am comfortable with dogs as long as they are gentle with me.

I am sterilized, dewormed and up to date on my vaccines. Storm and me were living outside until a nice lady decided it was too cold for tiny kitten to live outdoors so she trapped us, brought us inside, then asked Gerdy for help.

Gerdy placed us in a foster home, I was very shy & scared at first, but I have made lots of progress. In fact, I am the bravest! I might be a little timid when you first meet me but with a little love and patience I will warm right up to you.

STORM (that’s me on the right!)

Like my sister SPARKLE, I am 6 months old and am a neutered male kitten, up to date on my vaccines & dewormed. My foster mama gave me a nickname—“Mischievous Monkey” because I get into everything!

I like playing with your feet when you are asleep and carrying those little foam cat toys around in my mouth. I dislike loud noises or being put in a cat carrier. Having lived with a small dog my favourite game is to run up to her, give her a small smack on the nose( no claws used,) then run away! I told you I was mischievous—so if you have a dog,

I too need for the dog to be patient with me. Like sister Sparkle, I was living outside until a nice lady trapped us, brought us inside, then asked Gerdy for help. Gerdy placed us in a foster home. I was very shy & scared at first too, but I have made a lot of progress.

Treats go a long way in helping me feel comfortable with you. My foster mama has not yet found a treat that I don’t like! Posted 17 May 2016.



Caramel was an indoor cat until his owners were evicted, then he was put on the street to fend for himself. Being a nice temperament he soon got picked on by other male street cats because he was unneutered.

Gerdy took him on, and had him neutered, vaccinated and his test showed he was positive for FIV he was exposed to outside. He is in great health and is about 4-5 years old. He is VERY sweet, gentle, the NICEST cat! Lovely disposition, a real darling.

He really deserves a wonderful home and will reward you with being your best pal and confidant, repaying you with all his gratitude and devotion. Posted 1 Apr 2016.



Here I am as a sad case, brought to Gerdy’s care as a stray cat with frozen feet. This is what happens to a stray in winter weather with no warm home to go to.

I am about 4 years old, estimated birth date December 2010 and I weighed 10 ½ pounds when I was brought in. I am a Domestic Shorthair male. To add to my troubles, I was found to be FIV positive.

I can still comfortably live in a home with another FIV cat, I am doing good, it was just my feet being frozen that bothered me. Now my bandages are all off and I am much happier, neutered too! I am a NICE cat!

Do you have a warm heart I can warm my cold feet with in future, safe and loved?



I am a dear male cat, born in January of 2015, a little over a year old, neutered & vaccinated. A Domestic Shorthair grey Tabby with white. I lost my home when my family moved to a place where pets were not allowed.

Gerdy took me on. I am such a sweetheart. If you are a nurturing person, I was born with a neuro problem that does not affect my life. I love to be cuddled and am well behaved, a charmer. I am on the small side at only 7 pounds, just right and I deserve a loving home too don’t you think?

Please consider me, you will not regret it. I am very lovable! Posted 25 March 2016.



This sweet abandoned girl was discovered one extremely freezing cold day in the engine of a truck where she had DESPERATELY sought shelter and warmth, not realizing that the engine was still hot from running. She suffered burns to her paws mainly.

Bev is now ready for a home of her own, she is 2 years old, a shorthaired tortoiseshell. Bev is good with cats, dogs, and children. Bev has food allergies so needs to eat a special food.

Bev is a VERY affectionate and loving cat says her foster mom. Can you give beautiful Bev the home she so deserves after her ordeal? Posted 08 March 2016.



I am one fortunate male cat! I had been seen eye injured, crossing busy streets with a hole where one eye had been, all alone in the world with no one to care. I was a street cat. I was skinny and starving; it is hard to hunt for food when one is in pain with one eye gone and was a miracle I was not struck by a car as it was very busy on that road.

A kind lady saw me struggling to survive and knew a survivor when she saw one! I was so hungry, so she left me food. I was starving and was the start of HOPE for me! When I trusted her enough to let her near me, she saw how bad my injury was.

Gerdy was contacted and had the surgery done to repair the damaged area so now I have a permanent wink to charm you! I can be shy at first with NO aggression, but I soon get over that and I am very sweet natured. I LOVE to be petted, I so appreciate LOVE.

I am a typical sweet all grey Domestic Shorthair, neutered and vaccinated. I have a gorgeous big round head. I LOVE my food-- I never want to starve again. I am estimated by the vet to be about 4 years old. You will never regret giving me a secure and loving home, gratitude is my middle name!

I am FIV positive but very healthy, please give me a chance because I am healthy and can live a LONG life! Revised 31 Jan 2016.

  Checkers - Adoption Pending  


Checkers, now about 3 years old, was fed as a stray kitten outside by Gerdy’s Aunt. Eventually, he was caught, neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and defleaed, so he could have a chance at life as an indoor cat. 

Checkers would do really well in an adult home where he could just be allowed to be himself, study his situation, and build trust—each has great potential, and just needs a chance! 

It would help if he was the only pet in the house, but Checkers does get along with other cats.  In his foster home, Checkers is learning that life inside is much better than in the streets! 

Checkers is just glad to be taken indoors out of the cold so just a bit of PATIENCE on your part will make all the difference!

**Courtesy Listings - Please be sure to contact only the person listed. Thank You **
  Kiara and Nala  

Courtesy Listing

Kiara and Nala

Need to have a home by Sept 27, 2016

Please contact Tracey Briscoe or call (514) 892-8197

Two 10 year old SWEET sisters need saving before it is too late!  Very sweet, very loving girls, desperate to get a new home in time!  Owner moving out of the country and cannot take.  INDOOR cats.  A wonderful BONDED PAIR.

Courtesy Listing


Charles (a female cat) is about 10 years old and has been spayed. She is very quiet, hardly ever meowing unless she is in distress such as a door being closed on her, forbidding her to be near you! She is incredibly affectionate.

She loves to nuzzle so that you kiss her forehead and adores cuddling right up beside you, always knowing when you need a friend! Though she is very sensitive about her stomach (do not pet there) and prefers to be pet from the head to tail, and especially under the chin! It can be easy for her to get overstimulated and nip occasionally. She is prone to biting when she is not familiar with you yet. She can be a bit moody when she is tired, hungry, or wanting to play. However, once the trust is built with her, her heart of gold shines through.

She also has a unique personality as she has an affinity for socks. Will find them and bring them around the house. She's very playful for her age and needs a lot of play-time. Charles runs on a very strict daily schedule and is not too shy to let you know when it's meal time. She will wake you up on the dot every morning, sit by her bowl in the evening and be curled up at the foot of the bed every night.

She really is the best companion one could ask for!

  Simon and Antar  

Courtesy Listing


Simon (long hair orange) and Antar (short hair white) are two male brothers (same litter), 3 years old, healthy, fixed and up-to-date with every vaccine recommended by the vet. They are indoor cats with identification chips, amazing and social.

It would be preferable not to separate them but can place them individually if that isn't possible.


Courtesy Listing

Contact Bryan at (514) 549-5704


Forever home needed for a loving female cat. Kicza ('Kitty' in Polish) is a 9 year old domestic long haired cat. She is spayed, vaccinated and in good health. Kicza can be reserved initially, but is very loving and affectionate once she opens up. She needs regular cuddles and playtime, but also enjoys her daily alone time. She definitely loves her food!

She is happy as an indoor cat. She does well with children over 5 years of age, but can become stressed around other cats. She has gotten used to living with other cats and dogs in the past, but would be happier with a space to herself.

Kicza is being put up for adoption because her owner sadly could not take her when she moved to the UK. She is living with friends in Montreal at the moment (Plateau/Mile End), who would be happy to answer questions and introduce you if you are looking to adopt a sweet, older cat.


Courtesy Listing

You can reach my foster mom at: 514-264-9991


My name is Scrappy. I was born April 14th with 7 other siblings. I am in a foster home with 7 other adult cats and a big Labrador retriever and I love them all. I love to tussle with the cats and to try and catch the dog’s wagging tale. I am excellent using my litter box and really enjoy my food.

I love to run and jump and I adore children, 8 years old and up. I am looking for a forever home with someone who will keep me and care for me for my entire life. My foster mom insists I am not to be de-clawed. I love my scratching post.

I am really a great little kitten. I get along with everyone and have a very easy going disposition. I need a really special home with someone who will appreciate me.

I hope to meet you soon.

Love Scrappy


Courtesy Listing

Please contact


Hezzy is around 11 or 12 years old and she is an indoor cat who prefers to stay inside with her human friends. She’s got a spunky personality and loves a warm lap.

We are looking for a home for her for July and August or possibly permanently. We have a friend taking care of her but he is going traveling in July so we need to find a home for this cutie soon. Posted 21 June 2016.


Courtesy Listing

For more info please contact:


Hi, my name is Sharkie and I am quite the handsome boy, don’t you think!? I was taken into foster by my foster mom some time ago. She took me in from the SPCA who didn’t know much about my past except that I was probably victim to some scary stuff because I was feral and people really, really scared me. I would basically stay in the corner of my cage and hiss at anyone who came near me or tried to touch me.

Foster mom was scared that no one would want me because of that and brought me home.
I should tell you that though my foster mom would agree that I have made HUGE progress, I am still a very shy guy. See me as the strong, silent type. It’s cool though because foster mom doesn’t push me or try to make me do any of the other clingy cat things that my fur siblings do.

They are constantly all over her, begging for food and snuggles and one of them has even started to do his business outside of the litter box. Foster mom is quite overwhelmed by that these days which is why she is hoping that someone else can take me in. It’s too bad though, I will miss my 3 cat siblings. You see, I share my space with one feline sister and 2 feline brothers. We all get along really well and I am hoping that I can find a home with a feline sibling or two since they help calm me down. I also have a human brother.

He is 9 and we kind of just let each other do our things. I leave him alone and he leaves me alone. Sometimes if he gets too close, I may hiss a little bit cause it makes me nervous but i have never ever bitten or hurt someone for trying to love me. I really love when foster mom gives me treats.

I take them from her hands because I trust her, but that is as close as I will get. Sometimes when I am really feeling brave, I will curl up next to her on the couch or sleep at the foot of her bed with the other fur balls. If she moves too much though, I find somewhere else nice and comfy to sleep.

Really, all I need is a comfy bed, toys and somewhere i can do my claws, good food and some treats. I am usually a quiet guy and although my feline siblings try and convince me otherwise, I stay off the counter and out of trouble. If you give me a chance, I’ll keep you company, always lounging around close by and did I mention that I always keep foster mom company while she watches the The Bachelor?! Will you give me your final rose?


Pour plus d’info, communiquez avec:

Coucou ! Mon nom est Sharkie. Je suis beau, n’est-ce pas ?! J’ai été placé en foyer d’accueil il y a un certain temps. Avant cela, j’étais à la SPCA. On ne savait pas grande chose sur mon passé, excepté que j’étais un chat errant et que j’ai probablement été victime de choses assez difficiles parce que j’avais très, très peur des humains. Je restais dans un coin de ma cage et je menaçais quiconque s’approchait ou essayait de me toucher.

C’est alors qu’une gentille dame a ouvert son coeur et son foyer et m’a emmené chez elle. Elle craignait que personne ne veuille m’adopter. Depuis lors, j’ai fait ÉNORMÉMENT de progrès, mais je suis encore un minou très timide. Ma maman du foyer d’accueil pourrait vous le confirmer. On pourrait me considérer comme un gars du type fort et silencieux.

Ma maman ne me force pas à faire des choses ni à imiter mes congénères. En effet, les autres chats ici sont constamment autour de maman. Ils demandent de la nourriture et des câlins, et l’un d’entre eux a même commencé à faire ses besoins hors de la litière. Maman du foyer d’accueil est dépassée par les événements, et c’est pour cela qu’elle espère que quelqu’un d’autre pourra me prendre chez eux. C’est dommage parce que mes trois compagnons félins vont me manquer. Ils m’aident à me calmer. J’espère donc avoir des chats dans mon nouveau foyer d’accueil. Ici j’ai aussi un frère humain.

Il a 9 ans et nous gardons mutuellement nos distances. Parfois, s’il s’approche trop de moi, je vais cracher un peu parce qu’il me rend nerveux, mais je n’ai jamais mordu ni blessé quelqu'un qui a essayé de m’aimer.J’adore recevoir des gâteries de ma maman du foyer d’accueil. Je les prends directement de sa main parce que j’ai confiance en elle. Mais je ne vais pas m’approcher davantage. Parfois, si j’en ai le courage, je vais me blottir contre elle sur le sofa, ou dormir au pied de son lit avec les autres boules de poils. Mais si maman bouge trop, je vais déménager dans un autre endroit confortable.

En fait, tout ce dont j’ai besoin c’est un lit douillet, quelques jouets, de la bonne nourriture, quelques gâteries et un endroit où faire mes griffes. Je suis un chat très silencieux, je ne grimpe pas sur les comptoirs et je ne cause pas de problèmes.Si vous me donnez une chance, je resterai près de vous pour vous tenir compagnie. Est-ce que je vous ai dit que je reste toujours près de ma maman du foyer d’accueil lorsqu’elle regarde Le Bachelier à la télé? Me donneriez-vous votre rose finale? Posted 6 June 2016.

  Mint & Goma  

Courtesy Listing

Compassionate Placement

Call 514-243-0106 or email

Mint & Goma

We are rehoming our two Tabbies (neutered males) Mint (5) and Goma (4). These two are a bonded pair and would do best in a home without young children or other pets.

Mint is a passionate cat; once you capture his heart he is yours. He has a mild case of asthma. He understands the human world and listens to instructions.

Goma is all about playing and having fun; he will make friends with you and jump off and bounce back into your lap for some snuggle time!

  Frodo & Keegan  

Courtesy Listing

Please contact Eve-Marie at or call (514) 651-8251 or (514) 482-0303.

Frodo & Keegan

Attached are photos of my two lovely cats: Frodo and Keegan. Here is a brief bio of each:

Frodo (small orange ginger): Frodo is so sweet, cute and playful. As soon as you sit down, he will come over and curl up on your lap. He really loves being outside so would be much happier in a home where there is a garden. Frodo is a bit shy around strangers (at first), and doesn’t really like being around dogs or small children. Instead of meowing, he makes very endearing squeaky noises when he wants to talk to you (e.g. when he’s waiting for you to feed him!).

Keegan (big grey tabby): Keegan is big baby who loves to receive and give affection. He almost looks like a Maine Coon but doesn’t have the fluffy tail. His favourite activity is sitting by the sink while you are brushing your teeth and drink water as it drips from the tap! He also enjoys being outside but only if the weather is nice. He loves being around people and follows you around like a puppy.

The two cats are amicable but not the best of friends, so there is no problem if they are adopted separately.


Courtesy Listing

Please contact


Black male domestic shorthair. Recently Neutered. About 1 year old. Francois has been running loose in my neighbourhood all summer. He is now coming on a regular basis for food and is less fearful and has become very affectionate. He adores a head and neck scratch.

He is still cautious and afraid of startling noises or sudden movements, but he is not a mean kitty. He is not afraid of dogs and other cats.

He likes being outdoors but is becoming more comfortable coming inside the house. He needs a loving home.